Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Steroid Positive Players to Date

I am trying to organize things a bit on here so that it is easier to get pertinent information, so below are the 7 players that I am aware of, who have tested positive for steroids, as well as a link to the 7 unnamed players and the possible 35 others who have not been named:*

1. Ignacio Truyol
Tested positive for the steroid Nandralone (and the stimulant pemoline) in 1997
Claimed his doctor prescribed it for “back problems.”
Highest rank: 127
Not active

2. Sesil Karatantcheva
2006, tested positive for Nandralone at age 16. She received a two year ban and has now resumed playing. Highest rank: 35, quarterfinalist at 2005 French Open.

3. Juan Ignacio Chela
Tested positive in 2001 for methyltestosterone. 3 month suspension and $8,000 fine. Still active. Highest ranking: 20th in 2007.

4. Guillermo Coria
Tested postive in 2001 for Nandralone – 7 month suspension (click his link for more details).
French Open runner up in 2004
Highest Ranking: 3

5. Bodhan Ulihrach
2003 tested positive for Nadralone – Received no fine or suspension (click link for more info)
Biggest Achievement: Runner-up to Michael Chang at Indian Wells in 1997 (Beat Sampras enroute)
I believe he is still active.

6. Greg Rusedski
Tested positive for Nandralone in 2004. No fine or suspension (Click his link for more details).
Highest Ranking: 4
Retired in 2007, but recently announced comeback.

7. Petr Korda
Australian Open champion, 1998, tested positive a few months later at Wimbledon, received 1 year ban. Retired.

Wayne Odesnik
Caught smuggling HGH into Australia in January of 2010.
Reportedly will receive a 2 year ban.
Highest ranking: 77

The Magnificent Unnamed 7

The Other 35?

* Let me add that there have been several players who tested positive for other substances, such as stimulants, and I do not address that here except to note that steroids are not the only performance enhancing drugs being used by tennis players.
Update:  Click Here for a list of players who tested positive for something other than steroids.


  1. really surprised you didn't mention mariano puerta. disqualified runner-up of roland garros 2005. perhaps, ironically, nadal's first roland garros title as well as first grand slam title.

  2. Puerta was for Clenbuterol, which isn't really a steroid, so he is on the other link mentioned above.

  3. When will it come out about Serena Williams juicing up?

  4. I find it hard to believe there are just 25 posts answering this site after all this time. What happened to all my posts that PROVE you're LYING about INNOCENT Serena Williams!?!

  5. Is it me or is it funny that a teen Nadal beats a juiced up Mariano Puerta? If Nadal ever was tested to be positive for that time frame who would the Rolland Garros Title go to? Quite a jam the French title would be in......

  6. I actually have a question, when the big cycling scandal decimated the Tour De France a few years ago I believe many names were implicated in many other sports, and Nadal was one of them. Supposedly the Nadal camp was going to file a suit, what ever happened to this. I never heard anything about a public apology and I never heard anything about Nadals supposed law suit. Any info you may be privy to wold be appreciated.