Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Shocking Revelation from Mark McGwire

Just kidding. He just finally admitted he got his home run record on juice - something we all knew although, like Barry Bonds, Marion Jones, Rafael Nadal and Serena Williams, he has NEVER TESTED POSITIVE (boy am I tired of that argument being used here - it's almost as ridiculous as the "steroids won't help a tennis player" argument). Anyway, sportswriter David Epstein admits that they haven't really gotten the steroid problem under control (Thanks Mike N):

DAVID EPSTEIN: Well, there are testing regimes. But there are certain things you can't test for.
So, I recently spoke with, for example, the National Football League, with two retired strength coaches who worked a long time in the league for teams. And they said human growth hormone has become the drug of choice there. That's just their opinion. They only worked with specific teams.
But you can't test for that without blood testing that -- football, basketball and baseball are not doing blood testing. And even the blood testing that occurs at the Olympics for growth hormone is of limited effectiveness at the moment.
And you look at Marion Jones, never tested positive because she taking a designer steroid. You can take a lot of designer steroids now and pass any tests they're going to throw at you. There are a lot of ways to get by the tests.
The drug that Manny Ramirez took, he didn't fail a test. Major League Baseball, to their credit, caught him in an investigation. So, there are a lot of things you can do and not test positive.
So, there are a lot of things that you can do, potentially with only urine testing. And the testing in the different leagues is very different. But there's been some criticism of the out-of-competition testing in some of the leagues. So, your testing has to be incredibly rigorous. And there's still loopholes even then at the moment, just because of the technology.


  1. Rafael Nadal is clean.

  2. of course he is. and Elvis is still alive :-)

  3. And so is Marion Jones and Barry Bonds and the 1976 East German women's swim team and Arnold Schwarzennegger. In other words, you aren't very convincing, Anonymous at 2:16 AM.

  4. "And so is Marion Jones and Barry Bonds and the 1976 East German women's swim team and Arnold Schwarzennegger."

    I not trying to convince you.
    When you compare Nadal with Arnold Schwarzennegger, it's clear that it's useless.

  5. You're not trying to convince me, I know. Your assertion is based on the fact that you want to believe him, because you are a fan. It is the same kind of defense that you hear for many athletes who are eventually caught.