Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Nice Article by Bonnie Ford on Odesnik Case

Good to see them making the effort:
Athletes governed by the WADA code are held to a strict standard in doping cases. It doesn't matter how a prohibited substance got into your body. If it's there, you have to take responsibility for it. That has resulted in harsh punishments for some relatively minor or inadvertent offenses. By the same standard, it shouldn't matter how HGH got into Odesnik's hands. He admitted in a court of law that it was there. That should have constituted due process, and he shouldn't have been playing last week.

Update: Another piece from Ford. Looks like she is going to run with this story (thanks Anonymous). Here's an interesting tidbit:
The ITF's anti-doping regulations were introduced as an exhibit in the case, and the two lawyers made opposing arguments about whether the prospect of sanctions from the ITF should be a factor in Odesnik's sentencing. Zeilinga urged the magistrate not to take that into account, calling the ITF's process completely independent. Godbolt asked for leniency, noting the financial impact of Odesnik's potential two-year suspension from tennis.

The guy asks for leniency because he is going to be punished by the ITF already, then fights the case against the ITF. Ah, sincerity...



    You'll love this, THASP.

  2. I still believe that the ITF and WADA trying to give an excuse to say it was just an accident, and tennis still so white, and clean from what they have done before in many cases. such as the out of competition 2009 list,the 7 players who tested positive in 2002 and the 47 players who tested positive for nanedrolon in the US OPEN 2004 (sorry but the list of covering doping in tennis is too tall).

  3. Who then are the 47 who tested positive in 2004 US Open and were they fined or suspended?

  4. Yeah I'm quite curious about this, too. What happened in 04?

  5. On menstennisforums it's extremely funny to see some deniers desperately trying to construct a defense on this case. Most ridiculous explanation : Canas maybe asked Odesnik to carry the hgh for him, and voilĂ , Odesnik is innocent (except for being a mule. well nobody's perfect...). When I see those amounts of denial I wonder : maybe the greatest obstacle to a clean sport are its rabid fans, after all...

    And translation of the Ford article : the ITF screwed up. The ATP screwed up. And this blog is more relevant than ever.

  6. i too am curious about the 47 dopers at the USO in 2004. Any links?