Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Odesnik Gets Two Year Ban

We'll see if it holds up.
A commenter notes this from the ITF press Release:
Mr Odesnik asserted that he had purchased the human Growth Hormone on professional advice to treat a recurring injury, and that he intended to apply for a therapeutic use exemption prior to using it. Mr Odesnik denied ever using any of the human Growth Hormone.
The ITF has no evidence to contradict that denial, but Mr Odesnik did not in fact obtain or apply for a therapeutic use exemption for the human Growth Hormone prior to obtaining it. Accordingly, Mr Odesnik’s possession of the human Growth Hormone is an anti-doping rule violation under Article C.6 of the Tennis Anti-Doping Programme.

This begs the question: Are there players who have actually managed to finagle a therapeutic exemption for HGH?


  1. I was thinking the same thing, but more broader: How many players have been granted TUEs for normally "Prohibited" substances? Who are they? What are the substances? What is the therapeutic use?

    Another question is why Odesnik got 2 years for possession without a TUE, but did not test positive; on the other hand, Antoniychuk got 14 months when she tested positive for a PED and also did not have a TUE. There appears to be a lack of consistency here.

    "The ITF accepted Ms Antoniychuk’s account of the circumstances surrounding her ingestion of furosemide, and accepted that she did not intend to enhance her performance. Under the Tennis Anti-Doping Programme, however, it is a player’s strict personal duty to ensure that no Prohibited Substance enters his/her body, whether as a prescription medication or otherwise, unless he/she holds a valid therapeutic use exemption for such substance.

    "The ITF therefore confirmed Ms Antoniychuk’s commission of a Doping Offence under Article C.1 of the Tennis Anti-Doping Programme, and determined that she should be suspended from participation for a period of fourteen months, commencing as from 22 February 2010 and so ending on 21 April 2011."

    What standard is the ITF applying to come up with the duration of suspension?

  2. Well, they got rid of the therapeutic exemption for asthma inhalers already because so many players were pretending to have asthma, so now anyone can use an asthma inhaler.

  3. Sounds a bit strange that a person who suffers from severe asthma is training hard to be a top tennis player ;-)

    How about anemic tennis players like Venus Williams? Her mom said she suffers from anemia in an interview after Venus lost a tennis match at the US Open. Anadrol-50 is an anabolic steroid used to treat anemia ...

    Strange that there seem to be so many medically challenged players who need a medical exemption yet are vying to become top professional tennis players.

    Maybe I am missing the point here...

  4. Floyd Landis admits to doping:

  5. So this is how a guy on roids, HGH and EPO looks like?

  6. I would like to comment about the "ill".
    It seems cruel to take a poor asthmatic girl and put her out in the 90 degree sun and make her run and run in a competitive sport until she has to clutch her inhaler to survive.

    Perhpas doctors regularly recommend competitive tennis for people with sick lungs?

  7. I agree with Tennis Mom,

    very sick and cruel to force a poor asthmatic girl to earn money for the entire family. Better yet, sicke and cruel for pumping their daughters or allowing others to pump their daughters full of "vitamins" just to earn a living for a family and turn them into a star.

  8. Anadrol-50 (Oxymethelone) is the most powerful oral steroid ever created, but it is also the most toxic to the liver. I took one 50 mg pill of it for 45 days back in 1990. I was 23 and it was the end of my army enlistment and I had been sitting around watching my buddies on the base get huge for about a year and I made a bad choice to experiment with the juice. The bottle that I purchased had 90 or 100 pills in it, but I flushed the remainder of them down the toilet after I developed some ridiculous looking acne on my chest & arms. I was also going back to college in the fall to run track at a mid-sized DI university and I did not want to compete as a cheater or risk any additional side effects from the drug.

    I saw steroids being used Texas while in high school in the 1980's (Brian Bosworth & David Dudley), I saw them widely used when I was in the Army, and I see athletes (Bonds, McGuire, A-Rod, Giambi, Pudge, Mary Decker, Flojo, Mo Greene...)celebrities (50 Cent, JaRule, Mary JB...), politicians (Arnold, Jessie, IL LT Gov. Candidate, & Enabler Linda McMahon), police officers (Ronnie, Flex, & Derek Poundstone) firefighters, and average people using them everytime that I go to the gym, turn on the televsion, or go to the movies.


  9. <<>>

    Venus Williams suffer from anemia??? Geee, She looks bigger than me. I am a long distance runner. Probably I could get prescription for anything to cure my anemic appearence.

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