Thursday, September 22, 2011

2008-2010: Did 20 Tennis Players Test Positive Without Sanction?

I've revised some thoughts regarding the WADA statistics.

The WADA 2010 Anti-Doping Organization Activity Summary places the ITF with 6 adverse test results against 3 violations.

The ITF had 10 adverse findings against 4 violations for 2009. And 14 adverse findings against 3 violations for 2008.

That's a total of 30 adverse test results against 1310 doping violations. However, only 10 of those doping violations are test-based because Odesnik (HGH possession), Malisse (whereabouts), and Wickmayer (whereabouts) committed non-test violations.

That leaves a discrepancy of 20 between the adverse test results and test-based doping violations. Again, what accounts for this? Were some cases closed because of a valid TUE? Was the player found not guilty by a tribunal? Was a player tested multiple times? We do not know.

All we know for sure is that the ITF is keeping what appears to be 20 positive tests secret. Will the media ask?

P.S. A reminder, an "Adverse Analytical Finding" is defined in the World Anti-Doping Code as "a report from a laboratory or other WADA-approved entity that, consistent with the International Standard for Laboratories and related Technical Documents, identifies in a Sample the presence of a Prohibited Substance or its Metabolites or Markers (including elevated quantities of endogenous substances) or evidence of the Use of a Prohibited Method." These figures may not be identical to Anti-Doping Rule Violations, as the figures given in this report may contain findings that underwent the Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) approval process. In addition, some Adverse Analytical Findings may correspond to multiple measurements performed on the same Athlete, such as in cases of longitudinal studies on testosterone, and some cases may be pending before the appropriate jurisdictions. Anti-Doping Rule Violations listed above may also include violations unrelated to AAFs (e.g. Refusals).


  1. Djokovic, the Floyd Landis of the ATP?

  2. Lol, Klizan accused Nadal of doping.

  3. Not that anyone cares about WTA 250 tournaments in China, but Scheepers is a good joke:

    2 hour 3 setter 3 days ago
    2 hour 30 3 setter 2 days ago
    3 hour 3 setter yesterday
    3 hour 30 min 3 setter today

    Infinite stamina.

  4. Inadvertently hilarious interview with Djokovic's quack doctor:

    Apparently they bless his food!

    More interesting was he claimed Djokovic in the past was vomitting after eating a lot.


    Martin Klizan's accusation against Nadal(part way down the page). Says that he thinks Djokovic is clean.

  6. @Arf and YourFavDopes

    Thanks for the Klizan item. Put it up on the Twitter feed.