Thursday, January 19, 2012

Doping Control: 2006 Australian Open (The Women)

No surprises here. Same story as the men's draws.

As always, let me know if you find an error.

Data Sources

Players tested and test dates: ITF's 2006 Anti-Doping Programme Statistics
Win/Loss Info and Dates: Tennis Explorer


  1. Sen, this is gob-smacking data.

    ITF described for you the (faulty) reasoning behind the non-disclosure of provisional suspensions. Surely they can also explain the non-random test distribution weighted towards losers. (?!)

    The mainstream media HAVE to pick this up now.

    1. I asked the ITF about their testing protocol. The response: "We do not comment on testing protocol at the Grand Slam tournaments or any other tennis events where testing takes place."

    2. Did you use the words: "why do you only test losers?"

    3. I told them that my review of 2009 showed that players were only subject to doping control in the event that they lost a match (with the exception of champions). I asked them to confirm that this was the testing protocol for Grand Slam events in 2009. And I asked whether the practice continued at Grand Slam events for 2010 to the present. They sent me the single sentence in response.

  2. I wonder what the justification is for not commenting on the "testing protocol". Presumably, they might argue that it might be giving away information that could assist cheaters.

    Here's a few questions they could answer:

    Statistics from previous years have demonstrated that ITF doping control had targeted losers during Grand Slam tournaments. As current ITF policies prohibit disclosure of such details, then the following two questions presume that all players are currently eligible for targeted testing regardless of match results:

    1) If a player were to incur an adverse finding during a grand slam tournament, would that player then be provisionally suspended prior to scheduled subsequent matches in that tournament?"

    2) Is a provisionally suspended player obliged to be truthful with respect to public explanation of a withdrawal during (or prior to) a tournament?"

  3. Note that they only test match winners once the tournament is safely over and done with.