Monday, January 16, 2012

More Testing Data From The 2009 Australian Open

In the past, this blog has been criticized by some for "cherry picking" data or relying on pictures. As a result, I've used publicly available ITF and WADA data in most of the recent posts. Last week, I took time to go through the in-competition testing for the Men's Singles and Doubles draws at the 2009 Aussie Open. It was tedious work, but the results speak for themselves. The data showed that players were only tested after a loss and that no player was tested in-competition more than once.

The exceptions to these findings on the men's side were: (1) champions at the 2009 event were tested; and (2) while players weren't tested more than once within a individual draw, they could potentially be tested more than once if they entered multiple draws (e.g., played a combo of singles, doubles, and/or mixed).

Here's a look at the women's draws for 2009 Aussie Open. It's the same story:

If anyone spots an error, let me know.

I'm eager to hear an argument establishing that tennis has stringent testing.

Data Sources

How the list was compiled:

Players tested and test dates: ITF's 2009 Anti-Doping Programme Statistics
Win/loss and Round Info: ITF Archives
Supplemental Round Info and Dates #1: Archived Day Schedules
Supplemental Round Info and Dates #2: Tennis Explorer

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