Friday, April 20, 2012

Dr. Miller Speaks!

Well, well, well...What do we have here?

The Tennis Space website has just conducted a interview with Dr. Stuart Miller. Published today, no less.

One of the questions asked was: "It’s been suggested that you believe that taking prohibited substances would not give you as much benefit in tennis as in other sports?"

I can't help but wonder why this interview happened at this particular time...well, maybe I can think of three reasons (here, here, and here).

Give the interview a read, and feel free to use the comment option there.


  1. Looks like Stuart was smoked out of his hole and came out to answer a few softball questions. Funny that he won't respond to the blog, but he has time for an interview with an obscure tennis site that basically got its questions from here. I like his logic that the more players caught doping in a sport, the worse the doping problem is. By that logic, you should catch as few players as possible, which is what tennis appears to be doing.

  2. I like how he seems to be concerned about "systematic" doping (whatever that means) more than any other kind.

  3. Sen, watching the match in Monte Carlo where Nadal absolutely destroyed Djokovic, playing defensive tennis at a level I have never seen before, I am beginning to think the war is pretty much lost. The guy has no fears of being caught. Or he is truly an alien. I wonder what Richard Ings thinks - in his quiet moments.