Sunday, June 24, 2012

Doping Control: Wimbledon 2008 (Men)

If UKAD needed any rationale to support a request to conduct supplementary testing an Wimbledon this year, they need only point to the ITF's 2009 anti-doping statistics. For example, the testing at Wimbledon in 2009. And if they wanted to make their case stronger, they need only point to the ITF's 2008 anti-doping statistics.

There are no surprises here: loser-targeted testing as usual. As a result, Roger Federer (runner-up) and Rafael Nadal (champion) were tested only once for the entire fortnight. The test occurred after the championship match. Imagine if the Tour de France only tested the winner after the completion of the final stage? The cycling media would cry foul. Most of the tennis media, however, considers this "strict," "rigorous," "invasive," and "intrusive."

Here is the 2008 testing for the main singles and doubles draws for the men:

 Last Name    First Name    Test date   Draw Round Result
DABUL BRIAN 23/06/2008 Singles 1 Lost
DANIEL MARCOS 23/06/2008 Singles 1 Lost
KARLOVIC IVO 23/06/2008 Singles 1 Lost
BERRER MICHAEL 23/06/2008 Singles 1 Lost
VOLANDRI FILIPPO 23/06/2008 Singles 1 Lost
SPADEA VINCENT 23/06/2008 Singles 1 Lost
Schwank Eduardo 24/06/2008 Singles 1 Lost
Llodra Michael 24/06/2008 Singles 1 Lost
GREMELMAYR DENIS 24/06/2008 Singles 1 Lost
STARACE POTITO 24/06/2008 Singles 1 Lost
ODESNIK WAYNE 24/06/2008 Singles 1 Lost
Bellucci Thomaz 25/06/2008 Singles 2 Lost
DANCEVIC FRANK 25/06/2008 Singles 2 Lost
KARANUSIC ROKO 25/06/2008 Singles 2 Lost
Ellin Michail 25/06/2008 Doubles 1 Lost
Kudryavtsev Alexandre 25/06/2008 Doubles 1 Lost
BOZOLJAC ILIA 25/06/2008 Singles 2 Lost
ARNOLD LUCAS 26/06/2008 Doubles 2 Lost
VASSALLO ARGUELLO MARTIN 26/06/2008 Singles 2 Lost
SOARES BRUNO 26/06/2008 Doubles 1 Lost
NIEMINEN JARKKO 26/06/2008 Singles 2 Lost
Chardy Jeremy 26/06/2008 Singles 2 Lost
BECKER BENJAMIN 26/06/2008 Singles 2 Lost
HORNA LUIS 26/06/2008 Doubles 2 Lost
VEMIC DUSAN 26/06/2008 Doubles 1 Lost
GICQUEL MARC 27/06/2008 Singles 3 Lost
ZVEREV Mihail 27/06/2008 Singles 3 Lost
BOLELLI SIMONE 27/06/2008 Singles 3 Lost
SEPPI ANDREAS 27/06/2008 Singles 3 Lost
KUBOT LUKASZ 27/06/2008 Doubles 2 Lost
DE VOEST RIK 27/06/2008 Doubles 2 Lost
TIPSAREVIC JANKO 27/06/2008 Doubles 2 Lost
TROICKI VIKTOR 27/06/2008 Doubles 2 Lost
MELZER JURGEN 28/06/2008 Singles 3 Lost
GARCIA-LOPEZ GUILLERMO 28/06/2008 Singles 3 Lost
SIMON GILLES 28/06/2008 Singles 3 Lost
Haas Tommy 28/06/2008 Singles 3 Lost
HANESCU VICTOR 28/06/2008 Doubles 2 Lost
ASPELIN SIMON 28/06/2008 Mixed  Withdrew
CERRETANI James 28/06/2008 Doubles 2 Lost
CALLERI AGUSTIN 30/06/2008 Mixed  Withdrew
HEWITT LLEYTON 30/06/2008 Singles 4 Lost
MELO MARCELO 30/06/2008 Doubles 3 Lost
SA ANDRE 30/06/2008 Doubles 3 Lost
Cilic Marin 30/06/2008 Singles 4 Lost
VERDASCO FERNANDO 30/06/2008 Singles 4 Lost
YOUZHNY MIKHAIL 30/06/2008 Singles 4 Lost
PEYA ALEXANDER 01/07/2008 Doubles Q Lost
GRANOLLERS-PUJOL MARCEL 01/07/2008 Doubles Q Lost
VENTURA SANTIAGO 01/07/2008 Doubles Q Lost
PETZSCHNER PHILIPP 01/07/2008 Doubles Q Lost
ERLICH JONATHAN 01/07/2008 Doubles Q Lost
RAM ANDY 01/07/2008 Doubles Q Lost
Anderson Kevin 01/07/2008 Doubles Q Lost
LINDSTEDT ROBERT 01/07/2008 Doubles Q Lost
ANCIC MARIO 02/07/2008 Singles Q Lost
LOPEZ FELICIANO 02/07/2008 Singles Q Lost
MURRAY ANDY 02/07/2008 Singles Q Lost
Clement Arnaud 03/07/2008 Singles Q Lost
BRYAN BOB 03/07/2008 Doubles S Lost
BRYAN MIKE 03/07/2008 Doubles S Lost
TOMIC Bernard 04/07/2008 Boys S Lost
DLOUHY LUKAS 04/07/2008 Doubles S Lost
Schuettler Rainer 04/07/2008 Singles S Lost
PAES LEANDER 04/07/2008 Doubles S Lost
ANDREEV IGOR 04/07/2008 Mixed S Lost
SAFIN MARAT 04/07/2008 Singles S Lost
KRAJINOVIC Filip 04/07/2008 Boys S Lost
NESTOR DANIEL 05/07/2008 Doubles F Won
ZIMONJIC NENAD 05/07/2008 Doubles F Won
BJORKMAN JONAS 05/07/2008 Doubles F Lost
ULLYETT KEVIN 05/07/2008 Doubles F Lost
DIMITROV Grigor 06/07/2008 Boys F Won
NADAL RAFAEL 06/07/2008 Singles F Won
KONTINEN Henri 06/07/2008 Boys F Lost
FEDERER ROGER 06/07/2008 Singles F Lost
BRYAN BOB 06/07/2008 Mixed F Won
BRYAN MIKE 06/07/2008 Mixed F Lost


  1. My biggest concern isn't really that the testing is loser-targeted. I think they're basically wasting their time testing people after matches (be that one time or seven times in a slam). To the extent that they will catch anybody, I would expect that to happen on off-days when players have taken recovery drugs the previous night. That's where I would really like to see UKAD step in like AFLD did in 2009.

    1. I agree that the focus should be on the off-day. Let's say that budget is the true constraint, the answer is to cut back on post-match tests in 1st-3rd rounds, and push the resources into off-day testing. The focus for those would be on players that had tough physical matches (e.g., 4+ sets or 3.5hrs+), plus semi- and finalists. Some post-match testing still will be necessary to deter use of stimulants during match.

  2. Yeah like why waste their time, money and resources testing guys who lost in the first round and are ranked out of the top 50? If they're doping then they're doing a really lousy job of it. They should forget about guys losing in the first couple of rounds and instead test the big guns on off-days like you said. I still think in majors and MS1000's especially, they need to concentrate on the top 20 and any player that's showing unusually good form.

    But let's face it, they don't want to catch these guys. If they did, they would have already.