Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Steve Tignor on USADA Ban of Dr. Luis Garcia del Moral

Today, Steve Tignor, once again, shows that he's one of the few tennis journalists willing to broach the subject of doping:
...This month the US Anti-Doping Agency banned Dr. Luis Garcia del Moral, along with another doctor and trainer associated with Lance Armstrong’s Postal Service cycling team, for life. The three of them accepted their bans, rather than, as USADA chief Travis Tygart put it, “waste resources by moving forward with the arbitration process, which would only reveal what they already know to be the truth of their doping activity.”

As we found out before Wimbledon, del Moral has been associated with a tennis academy in Valencia, Spain, where various pros have trained. Will he be allowed to work with them? The ITF hasn’t said.
If more high profile members of the tennis media raised this issue, it would put pressure on the ITF to comment on how they are responding to the del Moral ban.

In other news, another (minor) withdrawal from the Olympics: Alona Bondarenko.


  1. Problem is that Tignor writes his stuff in a way that fanboys can use the same old excuses to deny that their favorite is involved (it is just the lower ranked players, tennis has a tough testing regime, it is probably just a small percent that cheat,...).

    Still, at least he does acknowledge that there are some suspicious circumstances (something that Bodo, or Wertheim won't do).

  2. http://3wiresports.com/2012/07/09/toward-a-robust-anti-doping-testing-program/

    A blogger that makes some of the same arguments that are made here (that testing is not catching the cheats).

  3. The question posed by Tignor in the next to last sentence is a variation of the same question that's been posed here many times: What is the ITF going to do? WADA made clear in its release that "most Signatories" were expected to "immediately" tell players to cease relationships with the banned individuals.

  4. Another piece from Sweden about Errani, Dr. Del Moral, and doping in tennis has appeared. Google translation: http://bit.ly/PG9b4f