Saturday, September 22, 2012

Paul Kimmage on Tennis & Puerto

Andy Shen (AS) of NY Velocity interviewed Paul Kimmage (PK) in 2009. They spoke briefly about tennis:
AS: Let's talk about tennis for a second. You've said you've had your doubts about Puerto with tennis. They've buried their heads in the sand, more or less, and they're enjoying this renaissance now with Federer and Nadal playing these fantastic matches. It's certainly easy to understand how the powers that be in cycling might look at that say, "Why don't we ignore everything and we'd do wonderfully."

PK: Absolutely, couldn't agree more. They're extremely irritated by that. As a journalist I've interviewed Nadal about charges that he was implicated in Puerto. It was put to him at Wimbledon I think, he denied it, there was no other evidence other than the rumor that he was, and I put that rumor to him and he denied it. I couldn't take it that step further than that, so unfortunately cycling has found itself in a position where there is hard evidence there. Until that happens in tennis, in terms of what I can do, there isn't a whole lot more I can do about it. I do try, absolutely do try, in every sport, to impose the same level of scrutiny, of questioning, where I feel there's grounds to do so...
Who wouldn't like to see Kimmage sit down with some players from TenisVal for an interview? Or how about Stuart Miller?

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  1. I posted that my daughter has been exhaustively informed by a football player at a large U about the PEDs he uses..and recently I have seen small articles about football players dropping dead after practice...I would figure the self-medication lead to these premature deaths. The parents of these deceased players would be nuts not to sue on the basis of the pressure to use PEDs the players felt to keep their scholarships.
    It would be helpful if the players left their parents as complete a PEDs usage/pressure data as my kid has heard about.