Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Dinara Safina and Dr. Luis Garcia del Moral (Updated)

A Russian paper is reporting comments by Dinara Safina about her relationship with former USPS doping practioner Dr. Luis Garcia del Moral.

I was able to get a basic translation/description of the article:

Safina says: 'this doctor had nothing to do with the academy in Valencia.' then she says basically there was only one clinic in Valencia where athletes could go to have tests before the start of the season and at the end. She says they went to this place once to do some running on the running track and have blood taken from their ears. She says this information was useful for their personal trainers to inform essentially their levels of fitness and the weights or loads they should take in their training.

The final quotes say: "Del Moral gave us no advice whatsoever and had nothing do with us (literally did not lead us/ had nothing to do with our affairs).

The final question asks what she felt when she heard about his connection with the Armstrong business and she says: "it doesn't worry me at all - I'm clean. I can only speak/answer for myself and nothing else concerns me / is anything to do with me."

The blog Drop Shot Dispatch has also posted a translation of the article.

Taking Safina's words at face value raises some interesting points:

1. We know that Dr. del Moral did have a "relationship" with the TenisVal Academy, starting as early as 2006: Spanish Article (Google Translation)

2. We know that in 2007, Safina with her trainer, Miguel Maeso, collaborated on a "recovery" program with Dr. del Moral: Spanish Article (Google Translation)

3. From Safina's comments, it appears that Dr. del Moral's clinic was conducting blood analysis (and other tests) for athletes.

4. Is it credible to say that Dr. del Moral's clinic was the only place in all of Valencia (which has a population of about 800,000) for athletes to go for tests?

The plot thickens.


  1. Here it is, if needed. You can delete my post afterwords.

    Doctor implicated in Armstrong case did not take care of Safina

    The ex tennis world number one Dinara Safina, in an interview with the correspondent of Sport Express denied information about her collaboration with doctor Luis Garcia del Moral, implicated in the Armstrong affair. As a reminder to our readers, according to the report of the American antidoping agency (USADA), del Moral is one of the creators of the doping program of the American cyclist who was stripped this Monday of his seven Tour de France winner titles. The report also mentions that del Moral collaborated with the Tennis academy in Valencia, where, at different times, Russians Marat and Dinara Safina, Italian Sara Errani and Spaniard David Ferrer, trained.

    - This doctor had no connection to the academy in Valencia, said 26 year old Safina. - So how did our names get into the USADA report? Del Moral does, in fact own a unique clinic in Valencia, where athletes can take physical exams before the start and after the end of the season. And we did take those tests at that clinic - we ran on a treadmill, they took blood from our ear and so on. That kind of data is extremely important for our personal physical trainers, so they can determine the level of workload for an athlete.
    So we took medical tests there, received results of the tests and that's where our interaction would end. Del Moral did not give us any advice, nor did he manage any program for us (did not manage us).
    - When you learned Del Moral turned out to be linked to the Armstrong case, what did you feel?
    - Nothing. I don't have anything to fear - I am clean. I can only answer for myself, and all the rest is not of my concern.

    1. I would take any defensive remarks made by a player with a pinch of salt and her statement is contradicted by several other pieces of published information about del Moral from local sources which put him very firmly within the Valencian tennis milieu.

    2. You're welcome Mistery, it's good to get acknowledged by someone for the effort :)

    3. Thanks for translation, JMF. Was too busy to read the comments yesterday.

    4. You're welcome SNR, I just translated as quick as I could when your request for translation was still up. If there is another place to send it next time, let me / us know.

    5. On second thought, after having rushed twice to translate a text upon your public request, once for Errani, and now for Safina, and having experienced the same could shoulder, whatever the reasons are, I don't think it makes sense for me to rush again, but hopefully others will be luckier.

  2. Has a link to this article on The National been posted here? Apology for the repeat if it has been:


    It doesn't offer new info but makes all the right comparisons between sports in terms of testing and budget.