Monday, November 19, 2012

Ricci Bitti on Testing Concerns (Updated w/ Translation)

ITF president Francesco Ricci Bitti has commented on the calls by Federer et al for more testing. His comments have been reported in Italian and Spanish.

Thanks to a couple of readers we now have a translation. Here's a full translation of the Spanish article:
ITF President criticizes Federer and Murray, announces more doping tests.
 Francisco Ricci refered doubts these sportsmen have about the antidoping program. "Players like to talk".
by APF - 19/11/2012
The President of the International Tennis Federation (ITF), Francisco Ricci Bitti, criticized Roger Federer and Andy Murray's questions about the organization antidoping program, but admitted he is considering to proceed to the application of more controls in 2013, especially blood and out of competition tests.
"You know the players, they like to talk. A few years ago, the same tennis players were complaining because they felt controlled", said the italian veteran director in an interview with dpa, who is also know as a member of the executive commitee of the WADA.
"I feel like I'm being less controlled now than six or sever years ago", said Federer early in the month in London. "I agree with Andy, we don't have as much blood controls year-around", he added.
Ricci Bitti said the complaint of the ex world number one player "might be" true, because "controls are a toss up". "But I don't think they are right", he warned. "However, they're helping us by saying so, cause we can go the way me want to go. But it's a bit weird. They change their mind a lot".
The 70 years old italian admitted the ITF it's studying how to increase the number of antidoping controls in tennis and even the implementation of a biological passport program.
"It is true", he said. "We've been working these weeks on the creation of a program that keeps having the same quality and a little more tests, specially out of competition tests", he noted.
According to the latests ITF statistics, in 2011 there were 2150 antidoping tests performed, out of which only 131 were blood tests. Of those ones, only 21 were performed out of competition.

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  1. I did two years of Italian, here's my translated version, just of his quotes, not the whole article:

    “I know these players and I know they like to talk. Just a few years ago these same players were complaining that there were too many tests. Probably Federer is right when he says that he’s had less tests but that’s because the testing is done via a draw (Translation could also be “via lots”).

    "Saying that helps us because we will try to do our best to go in the direction that we want to go in. But their opinions are odd.

    “Yes it’s true, at the moment we are working on the creation of a program that will include more testing, particularly out of competition.”