Friday, May 10, 2013

Money Talks: Fuentes Says Names Up For Auction

Via The Guardian:
"The convicted sports-doping doctor Eufemiano Fuentes is threatening to reveal the dirty secrets of the world's major sporting events as he offers to sell his story to newspapers after being convicted on public health charges in Spain for his role in helping top cyclists to cheat.
"Fuentes, considered one of international sport's leading dope doctors, has sent out a list of subjects that – for a price – he is now prepared to talk publicly about. It includes Spanish Champions League football teams, London marathon winners, Olympic medallists and a long list of cyclists he was involved with..."


  1. The auctioneer is bidding... Come on, you football teams, marathon winners, Olympic medallists, cyclists (and tennis players), don't let them newspapers outbid you! Your names and fames depend on this auction - and, after all, it's only fair: you owe them to the good doctor in the first place!

  2. Tennis had win one bid, so expect no name from tennis.

  3. And of course, irony of ironies, look who wins in Madrid...

  4. Would anyone take his word one way or the other without corroboration?

  5. Can someone please explain Nadal's comeback to me? I mean seriously. Who comes back after 7 months off and wins 5 titles and 2 runner-ups? Is no one out there suspicious of this? I am. Is there absolutely zero testing going on?

    1. Its par for the course for nadal. Long layoff followed by monster tear of victories.

      2009 he looked done and dusted only to dominate 2010. And would have dominated 2011 if not for nole's ummm......peak.

      as I said before. How does a guy with chronic tendonitis in both knees, whose game is all about explosive movement, speed, endless retrieving and grinding *never* ever seem hampered by injury?

      Never a long period of early exists from tournaments, or strings of losses to lesser players.

      Never misses his clay run. Ever.

      He has the healthiest bad knees in medical history

    2. It is utterly ridiculous and defies all logic.

      Barring some major upset (or a Djokovic "recuperation"), he's probably winning his 8th French Open. Of course it will be hailed as "amazing" and "courageous" when in fact, it is utter BS.

      Of course when/if he loses, all of a sudden he'll complain about his knees and how much they hurt.

    3. Testing isn't catching the cheats.

  6. Let's all chip in and donate.

  7. I recently came across this Independent article from 1999 - Courier talking about the obvious potential for blood doping in tennis!

    "I can't play 35 weeks a year and keep going" says Courier, "I just can't do it, and I don't think anybody else can either. But they are." Wonderful!

    I know it's probably on here already but it's worth highlighting again given its topicality.

    Paging Dr Stuart Miller . . . . Are you listening?

    1. Great article and Courier was very outspoken when he was playing, but now that he's Davis Cup Captain and a broadcaster, he's backtracked significantly on the doping issue.

      Too bad he hasn't been brave enough to stick with the issue.

  8. A tad off topic, but has anyone seen this?


    First, the PGA Tour is exactly like the other pro sports in that it doesn’t really care about its athletes using performance enhancing drugs; it simply doesn’t want to bust its own stars and wishes all talk about PEDs and testing would go away while everyone concentrates on the grand entertainment. Golf bothers with WADA only because it lobbied for, and gained, admittance into the Olympic family and every sport there (nudge, wink) abides by WADA’s policies. Golfers have been “drug tested” since 2008 — coincidentally the year Singh won the most recent of his 34 PGA Tour victories — and in five-plus years only one poor sap, a journeyman named Doug Barron, has been busted. They test only urine, not blood, and therefore detect few, if any, modern PEDs. It’s one reason Greg Norman last week called the entire charade a joke and here Norman displays a bang-on sense of humour.

    In this case, the PGA Tour had no choice but to follow rules and suspend Singh after his own admission to using a substance the tour had specifically warned golfers to avoid. (Prepare to be amazed, but Singh said he didn’t know.) The suspension was not publicized once it was appealed and when the case was dropped, it all would have gone away after a one-day poopstorm from some typists outraged because Singh, a player at least previously popular with his peers but a sworn enemy of the press, skated on an after-the-fact technicality.

    1. The whole Singh lawsuit was getting a lot of air time over at the Golf Channel before "The Players" tournament began. The actual summons document is PURE GOLD.

      "One of the PGA TOUR’s most respected and hardest working golfers"

      In his background they seem to fail to point out that Singh was kicked off the Asian tour for handing an incorrect scorecard (there was a big scandal about this) Curious no? So his integrity is in question.

      "The PGA TOUR adopted, and continues to rely upon, WADA’s Prohibited Substances List for its own Prohibited Substances and Methods List without any independent review, analysis or assessment of the substances, including but not limited to whether the substances actually provide any performance enhancing effect, the chemical, biological or other physical effects of the substances, how the substances are used, how the substances must be used to have the intended physiological effect, and the relevance of the substances to the game of golf. In other words, the PGA TOUR attempts to avoid, and otherwise shirks, all responsibility with regard to prohibitions imposed upon its members"

      Is this lawsuit serious? They are seriously questioning WADA on its "Prohibited Substances" and if they actually work? Every athlete will start claiming something does not have a performance enhancing effect.

      "Scientists have compared the amount of IGF-1 contained in the Spray to the amount contained in a dose of Increlex as pouring a shot of bourbon into an Olympic sized swimming pool and then taking a shot of the pool water compared to taking a straight shot of bourbon."

      Ask Contador how much Clenbuterol they found in his test. It was probably comparable. It was still found in his system (60 nano grams found in Deer Antler spray, 50 pico grams found in Contador)

      "The PGA TOUR has only banned the use of growth hormones which “affect[] muscle, tendon or ligament protein synthesis/degradation, vascularization, energy utilization, regenerative capacity or fiber type switching.”

      That's nice, by all means use everything else but that.

      "At the PGA TOUR’s request, Singh had also submitted a urine sample for testing
      the prior week. Mr. Singh’s urine sample was negative for any banned substance."

      Right, like was going to be dumb enough to use something beforehand, was it an announced test?

      "Singh has been subjected to random drug and substance testing administered by the PGA TOUR. Singh has passed every drug and substance test administered under the Anti- Doping Program."

      And how many is that?

      WADA did make a statement on IGF-1 and is handing the "issue to the List Committee as part of the current List review process to assist WADA in further evaluating those circumstances under which these natural products should be considered as prohibited."

      Props to the Golf Channel for pointing out the lack of blood tests.

      The document can be found here.

    2. From what I understand, the clenbuterol in Contador was considered incidental to suspected blood doping where it is thought he used transfused blood taken during a training block which had been insufficiently washed to remove the steroids he had been using at the time.

    3. With Contador, the way in which it suddenly appeared in his system was such that it can only have been as a result of a blood transfusion.

      However, the problem is that this alone was not enough to show blood doping, so he was popped for the clen.

      The plasticisers test showed that he had had a blood transfusion, however, the test has not been verified/approved so the evidence could not be used.

  9. In other news, ANOTHER tennis player with mononucleosis...
    ... and the winner is Jarmila Gajdosova (via ‏@Jarka_Tennis)

    She is at Texas and she is already training. In fact today posted pictures at the gym where she is available for tennis lessons. She doesn't seem very sick to me :/

    1. "Gajdosova is the latest player to fall prey to the disease. British teen Heather Watson announced last month that she was also suffering from the illness. Robin Soderling has been battling the disease for the past two years and has yet been unable to return to the sport"