Wednesday, October 23, 2013

October 21, 2013: ISTANBUL, TURKEY

Q. I want to ask you two brief questions. One of them is everybody likes to think you're the favorite to win this tournament. What do you think? And the second is about doping and drug testing. A couple of male players have been suspended recently due to failing their drug test. Do you think the sport is doing enough to fight doping? Are you satisfied with the current situation?

SERENA WILLIAMS: Yeah, I think it's great that ‑‑ I don't know. I'm always considered a favorite in a tournament. I don't think about it. I don't like it, but I don't hate it. You know, it's better to be considered a favorite. I also do well when I'm considered the underdog. I never consider myself a favorite because every opponent I play has a chance to do really well.

On the doping aspect, I think it's great. I think it's great that a lot of players are being tested more often. I think for me tennis is such a clean sport. It should be a clean sport. We need to keep it clean. If that means we have to do more testing, then I'm already for it, and I think it's something that keeps the sport pure.


  1. Clean, clean, pure, pure, what a bunch of crap

    " If that means we have to do more testing, then I'm already for it..." unless I panic of course.

    1. Even if she did panic and run again the tennis media wouldn't comment on it. They are so far stuck up Serena's ass that they can't tell what time of day it is.

    2. Yup, they're already calling Serena the GOAT ahead of Graf, Navratilova, Evert and the likes. Heck I rate Seles above Williams - its not always about numbers and anyone who plays and knows tennis properly will know this. This is not to say that any of the other players did not dope, but with Serena it is just way too blatant.

      Similar to people rating Nadal over Sampras, Borg or Laver. What a joke!

  2. So, carrier pigeon racing is full of dopers, but tennis is clean?

    1. Didn't you know that tennis is the only clean sport in existence?

      Every other sport is doping but tennis - no, no, no not tennis. Tennis is clean and everyone gets tested 50 times a year! Stuart Miller is the smartest, most brightest, most awesome doping control officer who ever lived!

      And the unicorns, Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy all opened the skies and candy and love and sunshine rained down upon the entire world.

      I know the above three paragraphs are sarcasm, but some tennis fans actually talk like this. The ones with their heads in the sand have convinced themselves that tennis players don't need to dope to be successful, that doping doesn't help tennis players, and tennis is a "skill" sport so all these pesky doping controls are really, really unnecessary.

      Carrier pigeons, horse racing, yachting, table tennis, archery, chess...all these sports have had doping issues, but tennis is "clean" Yeah right.

  3. "I think for me tennis is such a clean sport"

    Another case of euphemistic speech here - "clean" in Serena Williams definition means it's clean on a surface level, for the sake of an impeccable image the sport clearly likes to maintain.

    Yet underneath it is pretty rotten - anything but clean, really.


    Cocain and painkillers was there doping of choice for pigeons apparently.

    Note also that there was a huge race horse scandal involving doping as well in the UK. Some Dubai sheik flew in container loads of doping meds in his private jet to the UK...

    A selection of the meds:

    * 5 boxes of Pentosan Gold
    * 5 doses of Naquapaste
    * 14 doses of Sarapin
    * 12 bottles of Dexaphenylarthite
    * Butapaste
    * 14 does of Phenylbutazone
    * 100 doses of Tildren
    * 12 bottles Adequan
    * 20 doses Amikacin
    * 20 doses Carbocaine
    * 12 doses Dexamethasone
    * 12 doses Dexium
    * 12 doses Deladine
    * 20 Hylvisc syringes
    * 12 doses Banamine

    Sad indeed, sport animals are high as a kite these days. And they can't oppose to being drugged or hide in panic rooms...

    1. "Sad indeed, sport animals are high as a kite these days."

      I'm afraid we'll have to change that expression to "as high as a carrier pigeon."

  4. Another alarming news item - Denmark's hospitals get more and more younger male patient with heart problems following steroid abuse, some of them even need a heart transplant.

    >For 5-7 år siden var der få patienter med store hjerteproblemer som følge af steroidemisbrug. Sådan er det ikke længere, siger overlæger, der vil have problemet kortlagt. (...) Fem måneder med regelmæssige injektioner senere havde stofferne nemlig forstørret hans hjertemuskel så meget, at livspumpen truede med at sætte helt ud. En transplantation reddede hans liv.

  5. I se that the big names are now singing from the same hymn sheets...... I suppose it is miniscule progress when it is not perceived as acceptable to whine about doping anymore.

    I am guessing that tour communications managers, PR reps and player agents have their charges well-coached about what to say.

    You got a feel for how this kind of "minding" plays out in a Kournikova-era documentary called "Girls-on-tour", which is on YT.

  6. Croat tennis player Marin Cilic has his 9-month ban for testing positive for nikethamide cut to 4 months by Court of Arbitration for Sport. He'll play in Paris next week.


  7. Ha ha I bet Serena was starting to have beads of sweat coming down her forehead when answering that question, along with crossing her fingers behind her back. She just won that title, and it's so embarrassingly obvious that she's both taking banned substances while being protected and encouraged by the WTA - which happens to be an AMERICAN organization.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Pretty much.

      32 years old and she's playing better than she did during her "Serena Slam" days. After having (alleged) major health issues. Yet you're a "hater" if you question her dominance. Same with Nadal and his "bad" knees running roughshod over everyone this year.

      And, yes, both Serena and Nadal are being protected by the tennis authorities. God knows how many times the both of them have tested positive and have had it covered up. Well, when they're tested I guess. Serena was barely tested at all from 2009-2012