Thursday, November 14, 2013

USADA Q3 Testings Numbers

USADA testing during Q3 2013 (all out of competition):
7 Athletes Selected
13 Total Tests

Athlete Name          Test Count
Michael C Bryan             2
Robert C Bryan               2
Mardy S Fish                  1
John Isner                       2
Wayne Odesnik               4
Serena J Williams             1
Venus E Williams              1

USADA testing 2013 Totals (all out of competition):
9 Athletes Selected
39 Total Tests

Athlete Name         Test Count
Michael C Bryan            5
Robert C Bryan             5
Mardy S Fish                 3
Liezel Huber                  1
John Isner                      6
Wayne Odesnik            10
Sam Querrey                 1
Serena J Williams           3
Venus E Williams            5

Odesnik has racked-up quite the total, and the year is not done yet..

Note: In 2012, USADA conducted a total of 27 tests on tennis players (all out of competition).


  1. Not surprising that Odesnik, friend of MMA athletes, is leading the field, though failing tests is not where he has fallen foul.

    I agree with Federer. It's logical to target the winners. I presume that is why the Bryans are front and center.

    But why is Serena not being tested more than any of them? I'm confused.

    1. Same here.

      LOL at those Odesnik stats. Not that he doesn't deserve it though.

      Venus, who barely plays anymore, got tested more than her sister who has been winning everything in sight all year.

      Isner hasn't won anything big and he seems to get tested more than anyone not named Odesnik.

      Mardy Fish has barely played and he got tested the same amount as Serena.

      Although considering they didn't test Serena at all from 2009-2011 and only tested her OOC once in 2012, it is nice to see them at least attempt to make their testing look somewhat credible.

      It seems they are finally increasing tests, at least on the USADA level. Consider that in 2010 they only did one OOC test on a tennis player - Sam Querrey. Maybe Lance Armstrong has them scared straight. The ITF should take note.

  2. USADA seem to be trying to make good things happen. I take heart from their role in the Armstrong situation. I respect Travis Tygart.

    They are less conflicted than the ITF, that's a given ....The sooner that anti-doping administration, and actuation, is taken away from organizations that share responsibility for testing and promotion the better. That dual responsibility is a poison.

    Player unions (ATP/WTA), and their umbrella associates (ITF), shoud not be controlling testing, IMO. No matter how well intentioned the people involved may be, there will inevitably be conflicts of interests (perceived or otherwise).

    Isn't is time that commercially profitable sport, and interested governments be levied, and monies given to WADA to run all testing?

  3. Sloane Stephens is currently ranked 12th and... nothing!

    1. I agree. She's only been tested twice the past two years and none this year. And she's had some pretty impressive wins. Makes zero sense she hasn't been tested OOC this year.

  4. Americans must feel they have little chance - other nations get only the usual 1 out of competition test a year, maybe 2. Given in-comp tests are basically irrelevant (ie predictable timing), this means Americans are getting 4 or 5x as many effective tests as other nationalities.

    I'm sure the Monagesque tennis association is right on top of its testing duties though.........

  5. Testing Odesnik like that is slamming the stable door after the horse has bolted. By rights, the ITF should have opened up a doping charge on the strength of the Bosch revelations and put the onus on Odesnik to prove he didn't have a $500 a month habit.

    1. Very true.

      Meanwhile, Djokovic continues his run - it becomes clear that winning ag Nadal on Monday was no accident, in fact he did everything in advance to get ready for the Davis Cup final, good Serbian he is, and maybe Nadal was cycling down already - hence the result we saw at WTF.

      Serbia will only have a chance to win this if Djokovic wins all three of his rubbers including a rare doubles appearance - and I bet my very last cent on this that Djokovic will want to win desperately - only to use the tite for propaganda purposes: to dedicate the title to his dear wronged buddy, the Serbian martyr Troicki, who unfortunately cannot be with them due to a lying DCO and unfair TADP procedures and, not to forget: needle phobia...

    2. @team, yeah, was wondering about why Djoker is carrying the load for Serbia despite having Janko. Then heard Tipsy last minute pulled out with heel injury. Is this a legit injury? Anyone know?
      Think tennis players, esp. Top ones r able to get away with doping, match fixing, whatever the hell they want as long as ITF oversees all. Until an objective impartial authoritative 3rd party organization takes over overseeing corruption/cheating in tennis, our cause cannot go too far. Too many people, commentators, clean players, journalists, etc. r scared for their jobs, etc.

    3. Tipsarevic, I don't know if his injury is legit. But he recently caught some heat for retiring after losing the first round of Valencia. The score? 2-1 (r). Nice. He knew right from the start that he was going to tank so instead of giving his spot to a lucky loser, he basically cheats (lack of best effort rule) and screws the fans out of a decent match. Basically he wanted to make sure he wasn't penalized with a zero-pointer in his rankings. It saves him maybe 45 points in the rankings, tops. yeah, the injury. Given the retirement and his no-show at Bercy, there's a good chance the injury is legit.

    4. Easy does it, guys... Tipsarevic obviously did have a problem throughout the season of 2013 - a "legit" one or otherwise. He obviously pulled out of the last rounds of ATP competition trying to solve it, so as to be able to play the DC final, and it just didn't work. If you truly understood the Serbian (or, for that matter, Davis Cup) mentality, you wouldn't be posting half of these clever 'reasonings' you've posted ... about whatever. Cheers.

    5. Actually do know about Davis Cup mentality & how loyal the athletes r to play for their country. That's why it was a shock to hear that even an injury could force Tipsy to pull out of DC, esp. Since he seemed to be playing fine at the Open. So, thought perhaps his pull out has something to do with behind the scenes testing & cover-ups. Always have this in back of mind about injuries b/c of the lack of transparency.

  6. Anyone feel like being nauseated?

    Lance thinks his story is "complicated" and "polarizing".......and he was a victim of a bad time in cycling..........

    Polarizing? Yeah, Lance. Some people think you're a lying, cheating bastard, while the rest think your a lying cheating scumbag.

  7. Why is Venus tested more than Serena? Venus has been useless for years