Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Paul Kimmage

In an interesting article on doping, Paul Kimmage notes a recent encounter he had with a former tennis player:
Two weeks ago, at a friend's wedding in Wicklow, I bumped into a former tennis player who would have spent the whole night talking about doping in cycling. But when I suggested his sport was possibly as bad he didn't want to know. There was nothing I could say . . . The ITF's indifference to testing; The top players' miraculous recovery rates; The cover-up of Andre Agassi's positive for methamphetamine in 1997; The association of Luis Del Moral - the Valencia-based doctor who had worked with Armstrong - with the sport; . . . to convince him.

And can you blame him? We've had wall-to-wall coverage of Wimbledon for two weeks now, and some curious games, but not once has the issue of doping been raised. Is there something inherently decent about tennis players?

Indeed. We've seen the exact same attitude from most of the tennis press.


  1. Paul Kimmage knows what it's like to swim against the doping tide. It's good to see that tennis is on his radar.

    I wish he, or one of the other journalists who stood up to Lance (like David Walsh, Juliet Macur or Mark Fainaru-Wada) would tackle doping in tennis with the zeal that they brought to the issue in cycling.

  2. WADA 2013 results.


    Looks like tennis did no hGH testing at all in 2013 !!!!!!!!!

    (apart from one wheel chair player - lol)

    1. Out of competition during 2013......

      Only 30 samples were subjected to carbon isotope analysis via IRMS (the best way to be sure someone is not taking exogenous steroids, rather than assuming that a T/E ratio of 3.7 is a normal variant). I am assuming, though that most/all the IRMS testing was in those with suspicious T/E ratio results.

      Over the same period, only 42 samples were analyzed for EPO!

      Seems like most of the blood testing was just generating bio-passport data.

  3. Last year, I sent the THASP link to Juliet Macur and Mark Fainaru-Wada, but never heard back. Perhaps if a bunch of us sent them this article about Paul Kimmage, they might be prompted to look into it.

    I used this address for Mark: Markfwespn@gmail.com, but can't find Juliet's address now (probably not hard to track down).

    1. I also sent an email to Mark Fainaru-Wada six months ago or so on the topic of doping in tennis (never heard back either, not that I asked to).

      I'll probably write again some time down the road.

  4. Serena has pulled out of the Swedish Open. I'm still baffled by this so-called viral illness she was apparently suffering from at Wimbledon. And it seems she's still not over it.


  5. This is, surely, intentinally ironic:

    "That's what happened in Istanbul, which spent six months and a lot of money making sure Williams would have everything she needed. It was a legitimate withdrawal, though; it came after Williams had cut her foot on broken glass in a German restaurant after Wimbledon, an incident that cost her significant time and led to a frightening health scare."

  6. HGH Monster Lebron James taking his talents back to Cleveland.