Monday, December 8, 2014

USADA Q3 Statistics

USADA's Q3 (September 30), 2014 anti-doping stats are posted. Below are the per athlete tests for tennis for Q3 and the total for 2014 so far. All tests are out of competition. There's a 3-way tie for most tested player.

USADA is on pace to shatter it 2013 mark of just over 60 total tests for tennis.

Q3 2014

11 Athletes Selected
19 Total Tests
Athlete NameTest Count
Michael C Bryan2
Robert C Bryan3
Jamie Hampton1
John Isner2
Madison Keys1
Bethanie Mattek-Sands1
Wayne Odesnik3
Sam Querrey1
Sloane Stephens1
Serena J Williams2
Venus E Williams2

Totals for 2014

12 Athletes Selected
56 Total Tests
Athlete NameTest Count
Michael C Bryan3
Robert C Bryan7
Jamie Hampton3
John Isner5
Madison Keys2
Bethanie Mattek-Sands2
Christina M McHale2
Wayne Odesnik8
Sam Querrey3
Sloane Stephens5
Serena J Williams8
Venus E Williams8


  1. Still surprising for me that Venus Williams is tested more than John Isner...

    In other news, Lord Coe suggests that independent testing in sport is is the way to go. I agree. You can't police and promote. The responsibility for testing should be taken out of the hands of international organizations who are inherently conflicted.

  2. Why bother to test Odesnik? It's already known he dopes.

  3. Shows how woeful their testing is then if they still can't catch Odesnik.

  4. On another note....

    A British female athlete from 2006-08. Hmm I wonder who that could be? Someone who missed several drug tests perhaps?

  5. Wish ARD would look into Tennis doping and I don't just mean Nadal but a history into doping in the sport.

  6. Little Lord 'Fauntleroy' Coe spends too much of his time bedding crumpet so not much cop at catching dopers. All mouth and no trousers - literally!

    1. Well, right now, he's trying to become head honcho of the IAAF, so in the light of the Russian scandal, he pretty much has to say that he thinks testing needs to be tougher, and less conflicted...

      That said, the sentiment is correct, and we don't hear it often enough from people with prominence in sport.

  7. Has anyone seen a Jewish man that is 6'-10' tall other than John Isner? Makes me wonder about growth hormones.