Saturday, January 10, 2015

2015: Storylines to Ignore

It's been mostly quiet on the anti-doping front in tennis. In fact, the ITF's 2014 anti-doping programme, so far, hasn't triggered any violations or adverse results (publicly, that is), although there was a high profile junior violation caught by Australian testing.

That said, here are the stories that the mainstream tennis media will continue to either ignore and/or downplay and/or fail to do any in-depth investigation:

1. The ITF's investigation of Dr. Luis Garcia del Moral (ex-doctor for Lance Armstrong) and his more than decade long involvement with tennis players. Read here and here.

2. The ITF's investigation into Biogenesis.

3. Operation Puerto and Dr. Fuentes.

4. The allegations of former Spanish tennis federation president Pedro Munoz.

5. Abnormal blood values of top player players.

6. Wayne Odesnik.

7. Panic Room (no sample was collected).

There are other issues, of course. For example, whether the ITF has ever retested a stored sample, and how long they store samples. Or, how many players have faked injuries or concocted other stories to cover-up a provisional suspension.

Happy New Year!


  1. Not forgetting of course, the TUE, that wonderful scam which can now be applied for retrospectively.

  2. Cilic out of the Australian Open. hmmmmm. (I wish we could post emoticons here).

  3. WOW
    was just reading a women's tennis forum.
    Sigmund Freud or Hannibal Lecter to the rescue lol

    I mean now we know she knows how to trick people and like it.

    There was also an interview with her hitting partner on eurosport recently in german:

    Bajin: Glauben Sie mir, Serena nimmt kein einziges Gewicht in die Hand beim Krafttraining. Wir machen sehr viel Oberkörpertraining, besonders für die Schulter und zusätzlich intensives Vorbeugungstraining - kein Muskelaufbautraining! Wir bauen keinen Bizeps oder Trizeps bei ihr auf, ein Tennisprofi möchte ja, dass sein Körper "lean" ist. Die Kraft soll eher aus den Beinen heraus kommen.

    Bajin: Believe me, Serena takes no single weight in the hand during strength training. We make a lot of upper body workout, especially for the shoulder and additionally intensive prevention training - not a muscle building workout! We do not build biceps or triceps on her, a professional tennis player wants that his body "lean".

    Like Sam Stosur. She also said she never made a bicep curl in her life. *g*

    Oh and look, these sisters ;)

    Patterns are just too damn funny..