Tuesday, February 3, 2015

ITF 2014 anti-doping statistics are up

The statistics are up. Overall the numbers are up across the Board compared to 2013.

The one curious exception is in-competition blood testing, which decreased significantly year-over-year (364 samples collected in 2013).

In-Competition testing - (Urine)

Total specimensMale specimensFemale specimens
1883 1038 845

In-Competition testing - (Blood)

Total specimensMale specimensFemale specimens
207 106 101

Out-of-Competition testing - (Urine)

Total specimensMale specimensFemale specimens
300 169 131

Out-of-Competition testing - (Blood)

Total specimensMale specimensFemale specimens
1139 612 527

Total testing (in and out of competition, for urine and blood)

Total specimensMale specimensFemale specimens
3529 1925 1604

Source: ITF


  1. Don't know if this has been posted before but a former junior (Cedric Roelant), that played against Nadal, Djokovic, Murray, Cilic, Wawrinka and has been a hitting partener for pros (including Federer) did a "ask me anything" for reddit.
    He 100% believes Nadal doped.

    "Also when you were at your peak, could you easily predict who was going to be at the top in the future? I felt like at that level, everyone would seem pretty amazing.
    -As far as predictions went, definitely not Rafa, he was fairly skinny when I played against him, which changed after he didn't play competetively for 1 year (100% PED), you could tell that Murray was going places since he never really missed and it was insanely hard to beat him in ralleys longer than 5 hits.

    Were you test for PED at the ITF level ? Do you think that, given the current level of testing in the ATP, that Nadal could be hiding something ? I was pretty bum to see Cilic win the US Open given is past problem with suspension, and i feel like the ATP is not doing enough to protect the integrity of the game.
    -Yeah, we were tested. But Nadal took an entire year off in which he played no ITF nor ATP (so no tests).

    You mentioned you thought Nadal did PEDs early in his career. Do the other pro's know or suspect anything? Also are there any other pro's you think are doing the same thing?
    -I'm pretty sure everyone within the circuit knows about Nadal, I don't thin k he's using PED now, but he used them to build his muscle mass. It's a lot easier to maintain it than to build it (you need to bulk and eat an insane amount which doesn't allow you to actually practice your hitting as much).
    I'm pretty sure a lot of the Spaniards have done it at some point, not sure if many of them are doing it now, I don't know how good the tests are and I don't know how hard it is to make it undetectable, so I can't really talk about that.

    What do you remember about playing Nadal and Djokovic? They obviously were young but did you think that they would definitely be all time greats?
    Nadal wasn't that impressive, didn't stand out from the million other Spaniards I played at that time, Djokovic was already really good and didn't miss a single shot (he was like Murray but a bit better)."

    All the interview here: http://www.reddit.com/r/tennis/comments/2jw3qe/c_roelant_ama_60_itf_atp_player/

    1. nice inside info. these are pretty hard to come by

    2. Thank you for this.

      He's pretty brave to name names and put it out there that he thinks Nadal is doping. I also like that he called out Cilic as well. I know he is not a big star and has nothing to lose, but it is still refreshing to hear former players speak out on the lack of testing in tennis.

  2. Why is ~50% of total testing based on in-competition urine samples?

    Dopers are not going to fail those..........