Saturday, March 21, 2015

"A Very Sensitive Subject"


  1. after all these years of looking out for significant progress on anti-doping in tennis, it's still the same. just the occasional news on caught journeymen, reduced suspensions, in-denial statements from the ITF, suspicious top-player activities. just that, and nothing more. i'm giving up my hopes on the system being corrected. I'll just watch the game in denial too so I can enjoy it still. Wish you guys here get a breakthrough on something someday. thanks for the hardwork on keeping people like me informed and providing a place to discuss thoughts.

  2. What nonsense. But then again this is the same guy who mentioned that he hadn't been blood tested in over 6 months and then followed up by saying Tennis has one of the strictest testing regime. He’s clearly a sympathiser.

  3. He comes across as slippery as an eel. If the Truth were coming out tomorrow, ask yourself the question, which way would you bet your life savings?

  4. I get that officials would have asked him to be circumspect in his responses to questions about doping, as #1, but there was a distinct lack of condemnation in those statements. Like some of the other players, it almost seemed like they were condemning him for being stupid enough to get caught again.

  5. One aspect of the Odesnik affair strikes me as odd...

    There was no one in the game with such a cloud of suspicion over him (prior HGH possession, an Argentine coach with a previous positive test for a masking agent, and the media alleging a $500 a month connection to Tony Bosch). Accordingly, he's targeted heavily OOC (by tennis standards), but tests clean for years, then Boom! -- 30 days, 3 urine samples, and positives for 3 separate prohibited substances....

    How does that happen? New agents with bad glow-time advice? New analytic modalities / thresholds in WADA labs? Testing outside of the whereabouts window? Ineptitude on his behalf (maybe after a severed alleged connection to Bosch)?

    I have a hard time believing that he was clean till December and then just started to dope in a dumb way....

    1. ...and on his first offense, he was caught with HGH vials by airport security in Australia, not a testing agency. This guy is obviously guilty of more than what the testers could tell you.

    2. Wow, caught by customs not through testing!
      Means any tests carried out that have cleared him are redundant and inept.

  6. Latest news about Djokovic and his past interview in which he said the opposite!!

    1) Novak Djokovic: No secret to my success

    Talent, hard work and having Federer, Nadal and Andy Murray around -- Murray is the other member of the Big Four -- have led to the Serb becoming one of the sport's all-time greats....

    But when in another interview he was asked how he can recover very soon after a long and complicated match, the whole matter was for him absolutely Top Secret!!

    Q. Gilles Simon played four hours and could barely move against Andy.
    NOVAK DJOKOVIC: It all depends, of course, from the player and their respected routines that they do after the matches. We have certain kind of things that we do. It has been working in the past. It worked well this time also.

    Q. What is that routine?
    NOVAK DJOKOVIC: I can’t say that. Sorry. Have to keep it private.


    2) In his book "Serve To Win" he said clearly that the real key turning point in his career was the gluten free diet ( in the book there are a lot of pages about this particular subject!) but in this interview he says that it is only a part of the puzzle !!

    Q. If you had not gone gluten free do you think you’d be able to do what you’re doing?
    NOVAK DJOKOVIC: Well, in the past few years people have been mentioning the gluten free diet as a secret of my fitness and the success that I’ve had. It’s just a part of it. I have so many different things that came together I believe for me and I understood what I need to do, together with my team, from being professional on the court, off the court, maturing, mentally, emotionally, having the right diet. So many things. It’s just a part of the puzzle.

    Source: the same link above mentioned.

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