Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Good luck with that!


  1. Why is he doing this now? Why not back when Korda got nailed during the 1998 Wimbledon tournament?

    1. bacause Vilas appealed to recognize him as world no.1 on 1978, which means he now has an opportunity to ride the backtrack train i guess.

  2. So Rios wants a player who failed a dope test in July '98 to have his results from January '98 annulled? Good luck with that!
    Even Lance Armstrong still has results standing up to August 1998. Does anyone truly believe his doping got underway then? Or are the voided results, for good legal reasons, only from the point where doping can be proved (in Armstrong's case by admission, in Korda's by a failed test) rather than inferred as extremely likely?

  3. Obviously a non-starter, and Rios knows it. Even if they had a sample that could be retested with a more sensitive assay, the WADA statute of limitations passed almost a decade ago.

    What Rios is doing is publicly making the point that he shouldn't be the only ATP#1 with no slam, if he lost to a player who he alleges was doping in that tournament...

    This raises some interesting points. First, did the ITF ever any retro test any of his samples over time?.. (I'm 100% sure they didn't, since he retires and they just wanted the problem to go away). Second, if a top player was found to be doping, what would happen to the players they beat in big events (re: titles, prize money, points etc)... That would be a logistic and legal nightmare for the tour.