Friday, April 17, 2015

Nick Kyrgios: Tweets & Deletes

Nick Kyrgios had some choice words....that he quickly deleted. Have a look here.

I wonder who he thinks should get tested instead?


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  2. Ah Nick, you did well to post it but not well to delete it. Although you should not be complaining about being tested twice in two months, which should be the bare minimum, you are right to question why others aren't being tested more often.

    Especially since the Serb Superman is having another 2011 by the looks of it. Get a bit of his 'gluten free diet' into you Nick and you'll be flying with him soon enough...

    1. Barring some major miracle, it looks like Djokovic is completing the career Slam this year. This is the first year I really feel like Nadal isn't winning the French (barring some hardcore doping regimen).

  3. Very intriguing tweet - almost like Vania King's from a couple of years ago (which she also deleted).

    I have a hunch he's talking about certain higher ranked players, but since I'm not inside Kyrgios' head, we'll never know who he meant.

  4. Breaking News!!

    What has helped Kei Nishikori improve his physique? American food, of all things.

    "I think it was good that I went to the U.S., because after a couple of years, I got much bigger in height and more weight. The taste wasn't the best, but it was good for me, good for the body. Japanese food is healthy but it doesn't get you much bigger."....

    But some time before, Kei Nishikori wrote on his Facebook profile to take a "nap in one of hyperbaric chambers at the IMG Academy. It's great for recovery after a hard workout and great matches. "

    But it happens that ( what a strange coincidence..!!) the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) considers that this practice is contrary to sportsmanship !!

    Hence, if you use practices contrary to sportsmanship so blatantly and spontaneous, imagine what can be done secretly, the sky's the limit !!

    In conclusion, the latest interview to Kei Nishikori ( the first link above mentioned ) is just another false version of the facts to hide serious doping practices in professional tennis!!!!

    Best regards.


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