Monday, July 13, 2015

David Frum


  1. In some sports, the athletes with the (literally) most extraordinary achievements face scrutiny from the press..........

    "Brailsford's vision for the future is for Team Sky to not use hotels at all and instead have a mobile 'performance village',

    ........a mobile 'Performance village'.. There might be a word missing there...

  2. Frum of course is SPOT ON. Serena's performances in the supposed twilight of her career are nothing short of astonishing. They are unprecedented in all tennis history. And we're supposed to all move along, nothing to see here folks...?

  3. Not to mention not showing her arms in public. On the tennis court we kind of expect big arms these days. But out on the street, or at a restaurant, like a normal person, is where they would really show up how huge they really are. Ahh, but it's all for female body image issues. Nothing to see here folks...

  4. Smashing away opponents at 34 like they are 44, not 24, And outlasting them in 3 setter after 3 setter? Completely normal! How dare anyone suggest she might be doping!!

  5. Well his statements might act as pain killer for some.


    1. You are a tedious religious nut in the guise of a sports fan. Saint Serena. Spare us.

  7. In cycling, this is what happens when performances challenge credibility.......

    Jonathan Vaughters @Vaughters "Well..... Hmmmmm... Not much to say."

    Tennis lacks these voices, unfortunately.