Sunday, November 22, 2015

A dialogue


  1. So I take it there's no response from Dr. Miller?

  2. ATP secures record $160m in deals as sponsors flock to 'clean' image
    The boss of the ATP said that tennis's reputation as a 'clean' sport was helping it attract blockbuster sponsorship deals

    1. I'm stunned.....

      That's a pretty brazen attitude, given that the landscape of modern pro-sports makes it clear that no sport should think it's safe, and such statements can come back to haunt you.

      “People see [tennis] as a clean sport" That phrase is key. It's all about perception.

  3. Here is an interesting and meaningful article:

    Victor Conte explains flaws of anti-doping efforts in "Doped"

    It also features Conte, who boils down the strengths and weaknesses of anti-doping programs in a way that even the most casual fans can understand.............

    Question to "Tennis Has a Steroid Problem":

    why don't you get in touch with Mr. Conte to ask him some interesting questions?

    Have a try, you'll never know if you don't!!

    Best regards.


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