Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Jason Riley?

An interesting twist in the Al Jazeera doping report brings tennis into the mix.

Michael Powell of The New York Times reports that "With the help of my New York Times colleagues Ken Belson and Doris Burke, I scrutinized the list of names, and it soon appeared less random than at first blush. Nearly all of the athletes he named are clients of Jason Riley, a fitness trainer based in Sarasota, Fla."

A quick Google search on Jason Riley reveals that he has worked with top tennis players over the years: Maria Sharapova, Tommy Haas, and John Isner.

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  1. He has also worked with Azerenka and Blake.

    Meanwhile, "Authorities in Canada and the United States are moving to investigate allegations of sports doping facilitated by two Vancouver-area men"
    This means Brandon Spletzer, the naturopathic doctor who appeared in the documentary and Chad Robertson, a pharmacist who was also featured. This article has interesting information. "Associates" mentioned in it are interesting.

  2. Breaking News!!

    Garbine Muguruza on doping in professional tennis:

    The Spaniard thinks that tennis is not a sport characterized by doping: 'We are tested much. They come your home another day and they say you: 'Listen, we are the anti-doping agents'. They can ask you the blood test or urinalysis. You live with them.'

    Often in the sports world it's said that Spain is having an incredible success because of the doping. Muguruza changes the subject replying this question: 'It's that our success has been spectacular. And results are there.



    Original Source:

    ¿El dopaje es una pregunta demasiado recurrente? “Está muy controlado. Llegas a tu casa un día cualquiera y te dicen: ‘Oye, el doping’.

    Tienes que dejar una hora libre todos los días para el control. Te llevan a una habitación y te pueden pedir análisis de orina o de sangre. Vives con ello”. ¿Se ha utilizado el doping para desdeñar el éxito deportivo español? “Es que nuestro éxito, como tú lo llamas, ha sido espectacular. Pero nuestros logros están ahí. Pienso que en mi caso, en el tenis femenino no se ha podido igualar lo que consiguieron Arantxa y Conchita”, dice, esbozando una sonrisa pícara, “porque es muy difícil, pero siento que lo estamos equilibrando. No me gusta compararme con ellas, no siento que sea mi meta ser la sucesora de Arantxa y Conchita. Estoy encantada con ser Garbiñe”.

    Source: http://elpais.com/elpais/2016/01/04/eps/1451905020_621696.html

    What to say?

    Yes, let's say that the cases of "Operación Puerto", "Eufemiano Fuentes", "Luis Garcia del Moral", etc .. are all stuff of paranoic journalists ....... !!

    And let't also say that Dr. Sandro Donati, one of the largest independent experts in the world on issues of anti doping in professional sports, who many times has spoken very negatively on the effectiveness of anti-doping controls in Spain, says only shit, he is just a drunkard ...... !!

    Beste regards.


    PS in short, a person like that who makes that sort of statement has a credibility less than zero on the kind of issues related to anti doping controls in professional tennis!!

  3. 2015 official ITF testing data

    In competition blood testing 2014 (207) vs. 2015 (344)
    Out of competition blood testing 2014 (1139) vs. 2015 (1658)
    Out of competition urine testing 2014 (300) vs. 2015 (519)

    Blood testing increases are mainly ABP. No info on what analyses are being performed on the samples, so not possible to interpret this as a genuine ramping-up of the program vs. window dressing.

    1. One year of "fully functioning" ABP and not one single bust. Increased drug testing and not one single significant bust. Seems pretty clear that tennis is simply using TUEs and "results management" to cover up everything. Doesn't matter how many test you run when the results are being discarded.

  4. Which narrative should we apply to Djokovic's thrashing of Nadal?

    1. Individual matches are not useful in determining doping. It would be like saying "Lance Armstrong didn't win the stage today, do you think he was clean?" It is a meaningless statement. Doping's effects can last for years -- especially in tennis. The ability to spend significant times practicing in his/her youth without getting tired will last an athlete a lifetime. Anabolic steroids can add muscle mass that will last for years. HGH can recover an athlete from a "career ending" injury. Given that there are essentially no more "career ending" injuries, it is clearly a miracle of modern medicine.

    2. Djokovic is a better player. He can play so confidently because he knows that, if necessary, he can run just as much as Nadal does. Nothing new under the sun.

  5. http://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/sport/othersports/tennis/serena-williams-slam-defence-up-in-air-after-knee-injury-34339004.html

    Patrick Mouratoglou, her coach, revealed afterwards she has been having injections in her knees every six months because of the wear and tear to her cartilages. He said she was usually able to play within two days of the procedure, but after the latest injection last week, her left knee had become inflamed.


    She had knee injections every six months yet she still dominated the tour last year. The female Rafael Nadal.

  6. IAAF were discussing silent bans years before current scandal......


    It just makes sense for international federations to hide doping cases. People who think it's impossible that the ITF would consider / have considered this are being being far too trusting, IMO.

  7. Interesting about Isner. I found it curious that he receives one of the highest number of USADA tests as he doesn't jump out as someone who might be using something, but obviously anyone would benefit. He did have some fitness issues years ago and I seem to remember some analysts talking about him working on that in the off season and having improved it.

  8. I've wondered for a while about the growth of very tall players on the tour. It used to be guys that tall had nothing beyond the serve, they could barely move, but now they're all over the place, moving like basketball players ...... another sport where PED use is rampant.

  9. BBC and buzzfeedgo after match fixing in tennis.......... Must read.

    "Secret files exposing evidence of widespread suspected match fixing at the top level of world tennis, including at Wimbledon, can be revealed by the BBC and BuzzFeed News.
    Over the last decade 16 players who have ranked in the top 50 have been repeatedly flagged to the tennis integrity unit over suspicions they have thrown matches.
    All of the players, including winners of Grand Slam titles, were allowed to continue competing.
    The Tennis Integrity Unit - set up to police the sport - said it had a zero-tolerance approach to betting-related corruption.
    The cache of documents passed to the BBC and Buzzfeed News include the findings of an investigation set up in 2007 by the organising body, the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP).
    Hear the whole story on File on 4, Tuesday 20:00 GMT, BBC Radio 4"