Monday, January 18, 2016


So, here' a link to the BuzzFeed on match-fixing in tennis.

Here's a link to the leaked PowerPoint presentation.

....and here's a piece from 2011.

I'm sure tennis will get to the root of the problem with the same rigor with which they have pursued anti-doping...



  1. BBC takes a pop at the ITF over this issue, and their deficient response.

  2. I just listened to Jon Wertheim talk about how "we" in tennis have known about this for a long time and it's no big deal. It's like he is shilling for the sport and not acting like a journalist. It's another reason why I don't trust the "tennis press" when it comes to any kind of cheating that might impact the game.

  3. Here's BBC article on suspicious betting in Tennis.

    The Tennis Files: Have top players been paid to lose?

    The world tennis authorities have admitted they took no action to pursue 28 top-level players, including winners of Grand Slam titles, named in a secret 2008 report into suspected match-fixing. All were allowed to continue playing and a third were flagged up again after playing in more suspicious games. The revelation is contained in a cache of documents obtained by the BBC and BuzzFeed from tennis insiders.

  4. Nadal must be singing The Verve's "The Drugs Don't Work" for the first time in his high-octane career! I'm enjoying commentators in the Guardian, sans irony, describing Djokovic's recent 'bullying" of Rafael.

    1. Nadal is officially in decline now. Djokovic on the other hand is just getting started in dominating the tour at the ripe young age of 29. Will he go through a decline like Nadal anytime soon? Remains to be seen.

  5. This radio program is worth a listen.

    Tennis: Game, Set and Fix?

    1. Some absolute gems from Kermode in the programme.........

      "I think it's [the tennis integrity unit] doing a very effective job"
      "It is imperative that the product is real. Tennis is in the best place it's ever been, because it is real"
      "We've got to be vigilant, and we cannot be complacent"

      and the best

      "There is NO reason why the sport wants to cover anything up, because that is JUST not in our interest"

    2. ROFL... You need reasons? Here's a slew of them... $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

      Any questions?

  6. Must read.

  7. Tennis match-fixing 'a secret on the tour everybody knows'

    A South American tennis player has told the BBC that match-fixing is commonplace and even some elite players are "a little bit dirty in some way".

    He also claimed fixing is not just limited to lower-ranked professionals and is "a secret that everybody knows".

    The player, who requested anonymity, said tennis authorities "know who is doing it" but are unwilling to stop it.

    1. Two important questions from the artcile I'd really like to know...
      1) the obvious one: who's this anonymous South American retired player?
      2) most intriguing: WHICH IS "THE MASTERS SERIES EVENT THAT WAS FIXED a few years ago", mentioned by the player? It would seem by what he said that in the final the guy who was the favoutite started winning easily (perhaps a set, or even a set and a break up) and then lost.
      I think it would be really good to know this, and btw a pity that the BBC didn't even mention one name...
      Please tell me if you find out something! I' ll investigate a little bit on my own and obviously tell you if I do find something interesting

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

    That is the link for the interview.
    Actually if you listen, at more or less 9:00 he says something about doping.
    He says that maybe top players don't speak because they are all dirty in some ways. And he says, why doping tests are still secret?...


    The conincidence that he plays Cillic the doper when getting best effort code violation is no surpriese to anyone?

    If you find out who is doing it you can bet your money when they start winning in the second set. If they do it regularly it is very likely to cash on it from time to time.

    1. The problem there is that lots of other people looking for the same thing, and you get snowball effects at times.

      A few years ago people even started manufacturing rumours of fixes, based around one of the really obvious fixers (Chela? Koellerer? Rochus? don't remember). They'd cause the price to collapse on one side, then hammer the other, and thus make a hefty guaranteed profit.

  11. Fixing earnings used for ped purchase? Clean no-trail money.

  12. The names:

    1. According to a tennisforum user some of those names are wrong. His list makes more sense, all the players cracked the top-50 while Mike Russell and Matt Ebden never did. His guess is: Davydenko, Tipsarevic, Dolgopolov, Chela, Kohlschreiber, Andreev, Tursunov, Volandri, Istomin, Berlocq, Gabashvili, Vassallo-Arguello, Oscar Hernandez, both Rochus brothers and an unnamed player. There is also an analisis about Hewitt's innocence:

  13. Murray comments on the subject are spot on. He even comments on doping. He's gaining my respect (not that it matters).

    "Sports don't necessarily want to hear about anything like this, but it can be positive in some ways, as well, if they react properly. Both [match-fixing and doping] are massive concerns to any sport. You don't want that to go on. But it does. No sports are clean of doping and none are clean of fixing. And it's not just sport. That's life in general. People cheat. A lot of people cheat in other jobs. People do it in relationships as well. When it does happen, you want people to be prosecuted, you want them to be banned and you want them to be found out. As a player, I can't ban people. It's up to the authorities to do something about it. And you just want to make sure that they are."

  14. Whether match-fixing or doping, there's a familiar trend in player reaction --

    Andy Murray: Tennis must act.
    Roger Federer: Tennis needs to get supper aggressive.
    Novak Djokovic: Its not a major problem.

    1. I've never heard anything as vocal or specific from Federer regarding doping or fixing. I feel he's spouts the same PR speech everytime. I think it's more like a challenge to journalists, vulnerable to libel lawsuits, when he insists on publishing names instead of a challenge to institutions, like Murray has done.

    2. Not quite.

      Federer: "Naivety says that tennis is clean, the way it's been all the way through, players, need to be scared if they cheat."

      He apparently contacted the ITF to store samples for longer periods:

      “SvD can today announce that Roger Federer has contacted the ITF to get the organization to use the opportunity to save doping samples for eight years”

      He applauded the whereabouts system when the likes of Nadal, Murray & the Williams sisters protested against it.

      Federer: I feel like this is how you're going to catch them, right? You're not going to catch them ringing them up and saying, 'Look, I would like to test you maybe in two days.' The guy's cheating and they're smart, right?

      Murray: "Yet I have to let Wada know where I will be, even when I'm resting. They even turned up at my hotel in Miami while I was on holiday." (Perhaps he did not understand the importance of OOC testing)

      Nadal also called it a lack of respect for privacy. If I recall correctly they were both criticised by the head of WADA for their comments.

      After the wave of positive tests and the bogus excuses provided players:

      Federer: "Some may be energy supplements but being professionals, the players should know what to use and what not to use, it’s hard to believe some of them saying that they didn't know what the substance was."

      That is just off the top of my head, he’s made other similar comments over the years which have been documented on this website. Now could it be all lip service, maybe but at least he has being consistent in his views unlike Djokovic, Nadal, Murray and the Williams Sisters.

      The last four who were serial complainers, let’s not forget Murray criticising the testing system as being too strict and draconian:

      Murray and Nadal set for WADA fight

      Since 2012 (post Armstrong), Murray seems to have changed his views on the issue calling for even stricter testing (I guess it’s no longer draconian for him). Perhaps he has just matured and become more aware of the situation. Whatever his reasons, Murray’s recent comments are better than the nonsense we've heard Djokovic say.

      But then again every single one of them could all be doped, so what difference does it make?

  15. Agree about the trend. Maybe AM or RF would consider paying for their own doping tests after every match and during the off season. Then make the results public and let media attention and peer pressure do the rest. If only.....

    1. I think both players have indicated they would like to see more prize money funds diverted to anti-doping. But equally, as AM has said, its not the players job to police tennis. And lets face it, the only thing worse than a promoter led anti-doping oversight, would be player led anti-doping!

    2. It's not the players job to police their sport, but if no one in authority is doing it, then the sport they love is in jeopardy. If the players all know that certain players are doping and getting away with it, then publicizing their own clean tests would naturally shift attention to the ones who don't publicly release their results. There would have to be enough media and peer pressure, of course, which is doubtful. But I'd love to see a few people take that first step.

    3. Yes, I agree. But it is insane that it has come to the point where this might be the best way forward.

    4. "Agree about the trend. Maybe AM or RF would consider paying for their own doping tests after every match and during the off season."

      There is always VADA (Voluntary Anti-Doping Association). They could also post their results on-line.

    5. I'd love to see it too only because it would put more pressure on the Djokovics and the Nadals to do the same thing.

      But Federer and Murray shouldn't have to do that - their sport should be doing a clean-up instead of a cover-up. This match-fixing scandal has led people to ask "What else is tennis covering up?"

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