Thursday, February 4, 2016

2015 ITF Anti-doping Statistics: Per Player

There are a lot of nobodies on the list. This appears to be indicative of the ITF's strategy to expand the testing pool rather than focusing on the top 100 players. This is consistent with the recent spate of anti-doping violations coming from Futures tournaments rather than the main tour.

For example, Novak Djokovic was tested in-competition between 4 and 6 times in 2015. During that year, he won 11 titles. I would assume that 4 of those in-competition tests occurred at the Grand Slams, meaning that he was tested at a maximum of 2 Masters tournaments, if he had any further in-competition tests that year. He won 6 Masters titles in 2015.


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  2. Makes sense. First, they know that Djokovic is doping, so why spend money on a test of which you already know the answer. Second, you need to make sure that you only test a doper on a given day to make sure that it comes back clean, otherwise you'll have a lot of work (secret meetings, silent bans, destruction of evidence). In the case of Nadal and Djokovic, I guess it gets a bit difficult to time the testing in a way that 100% guarantees a negative result. Thus, you test as little as possible.

  3. "Novak Djokovic has suggested that the current anti-doping program in tennis is sufficient, even saying that some the requirements are too extensive."

  4. It seems the out-of-competition testing is up. Djokovic had 7+ ooc, so not sure what the complaint is.

    In addition, if you look at the numbers, Russian athletes get tested a lot (Makarova, Vesnina) . Known doping violators (Troicki) were tested "7+" in comp and 7+ ooc, so it would seem that is a lot of tests. I guess he has overcome his fear of needles.

    Venus and Serena both 7+ ooc. Do you think they are going to fail a control at a tournament?

    The real questions relate to what the tests were for. I suspect that many were for the athlete bioligical passport, and the ITF's version of that is worthless. It has yet to catch a single person. So, while the numbers look better, I think the ABP is just being used as a giant black hole in which athletes are simply submitting samples that can never possibly be positive.

  5. Anti Doping Tests Out of Competition are just a joke because:



    The Information Required
    Every quarter (i.e. by 18 December 2015, 28 March, 28 June and 28 September) the
    ITF must be notified where you are residing for that quarter (e.g. home, temporary
    lodgings, hotel, etc.) as well as the name and address of each location.
    The Whereabouts Filing must also include one specific 60-minute time slot and
    specific location between 5am and 11pm
    every day
    where you are available and
    accessible for Testing, excluding when you are competing. For in-competition
    periods, the event name and location is sufficient

    b)How "Anti-Doping Testing" in OOC Really Works.

    Testing conducted under the Whereabouts Programme is normally ‘No Advance
    Notice’. That is, players will not be notified beforehand that they have been selected for
    testing. Testing will not necessarily by confined to the 60-minute time slot specified in
    the whereabouts filing, but you can only be liable for a Missed Test if an unsuccessful
    attempt is made to locate you during that time slot


    2)In reference to the last point ( 1)- b ), Professor Sandro Donati explains that " the time slot allows athletes who want to cheat using micro doses of banned substances, even immediately after making an anti doping check, knowing you have 23 hours to dispose of them. Or, for example, to have recourse to the growth hormone, which in a short time become untraceable ".


    Who is Professor Sandro Donati:

    3) The 19 known methods of cheating to pass performance enhancing drug tests.

    Among the 19 known methods of cheating, there is obviously also the one that Professor Sandro Donati was speaking about, here it is:

    "Micro-doses of drugs and hormones, chemically altered molecules of steroids, testosterone patches and the old doping chestnut, human growth hormone, were the trends in drug taking by cheating athletes...

    HGH, despite being used for decades, was still being abused by athletes, especially in combination with steroids... Despite recent research showing that HGH is ineffective on its own... athletes were using it to boost the effect of other performance-enhancing drugs.

    Michael Ashenden, an Australian scientist specialising in blood doping, has shown athletes can take regular low doses of the blood-boosting hormone erythropoietin (EPO) in combination with insulin growth factor or HGH. The combination accelerates the impact of EPO but enables the user to escape detection for the smaller dose of EPO."


    (continue in the next post!)

  6. 4)If the top tennis players keep on saying that they are clean sport professionals, why don't they give up the "Time Slot" ( above mentioned ) as Alex Schwarzer has already made it?

    Updates about Alex Schwarzer:

    Former Olympic champion, Alex Schwarzer, disqualified for using illegal substances will train with Professor Sandro Donati, the Italian hero of anti doping, Schwarzer will move to Rome ("but for Professor Sandro Donati I would have gone to Siberia"), he'll pay on his own a large part of the expenditure and give up the time slot of the day when an athlete can be controlled (also part of the controls surprise). Then, through a series of periodic and rigorous blood tests, will be built a "monitoring with even tighter modalities of the biological passport of Wada".

    "Alex Schwarzer, after doping, relies on anti doping guru. To win again"

    In other words, if the top tennis players don't have anything to hide, why don'y they give up the time slot??

    Best regards.


    1PS the usual and most logical answer:
    "Turkeys don't vote for Christmas"

    2PS the real scandal is also that there isn't any sport journalist in the whole world who is able to ask an evident question like that!!

    Shame on them!!

  7. I have been curious about comparing the number of drug tests Chris Froome undergoes compared with Novak Djokovic. I have not had a lot of luck but did run across this interesting visual narrative of how drug tests are conducted in cycling. It's interesting too, that for this event, the top three finishers are automatically tested. That doesn't seem to be the way Tennis operates.

  8. Whatever about tennis, the NFL is a total mess

    Tampering with a sample and corrupting a DCO = 6 game ban...

  9. President of weightlifting in Poland has been accused of taking retabolil in the past according to his Ukrainian doctor. Two silver medal champion claims he was taking only legal prescription and he is not guilty.,64998,19595018,szymon-kolecki-o-retabolilu-ciagle-mam-przekonanie-ze-podawano.html

    What is the line of defense? He was taking nandrolon to cure himeself. He was in such a poor shape...

    What a joke! In any sport it's the same the world over


  10. "Two international tennis umpires have been secretly banned, while four others face being thrown out of the sport for life on charges of serious corruption, the Guardian can reveal.

    Umpires from Kazakhstan, Turkey and Ukraine are among those alleged to have taken bribes from betting syndicates in exchange for manipulating live scores on the International Tennis Federation’s Futures Tour – which allowed crooked gamblers to place bets already knowing the outcome of the next point."
    'Yet the tennis authorities never publicly released details, alerting only a small number of tournament directors and national tennis federations."
    "The International Tennis Federation also kept quiet over the case of another umpire, Denis Pitner of Croatia, who was suspended for 12 months at the start of August 2015 for regularly logging on to a betting account from which bets were placed on tennis matches. The ITF has also never publicly acknowledged that four more officials are facing serious corruption charges, and only did so when prompted by this newspaper."
    "In 2012 it signed a lucrative five-year deal worth $70m with the data company Sportradar to distribute live scores from very small tournaments around the globe. That meant the bookmakers could provide odds on those matches, particularly on the lucrative in-play market, where odds shift as the games progress – and unscrupulous gamblers had a prime opportunity which they could ruthlessly exploit."

    1. And some people thought is was preposterous to suggest that ITF would resort to using silent bans...........

  11. Tennis fixing: ITF bans two umpires and suspends four more

    Two umpires have been banned by the International Tennis Federation and four more are being investigated over allegations of fixing.

    The ITF has revealed it barred Kazakhstani Kirill Parfenov for life in February 2015 and suspended Croatia's Denis Pitner for a year last August.

    Four others are being investigated for allegedly taking bribes to manipulate scores on the Futures Tour.

  12. ITF claiming publicizing the sanctions was against the rules, except that it isn't
    "Any decision of the Disciplinary Panel and/or the Appeal Panel pursuant to
    this Code of Conduct for Officials may be communicated to those member
    National Associations and/or other tennis organisations as is deemed
    necessary by the Disciplinary Panel and/or the Appeal Panel, acting
    reasonably. "


    And they tell us that the idea of silent bans for doping is the domain of tin foil hat wearers.

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  15. Tennis match-fixing claims: MPs to question authorities

    MPs will put questions to tennis officials on Wednesday about match-fixing claims in the sport.

  16. Here is a new interesting article!!

    "Female Athletes Dope, Too.
    The lack of doping positives by female athletes might just be a reflection of a flawed testing protocol"

    This year, for the first time, the World Anti-Doping Agency released a gender breakdown of PED violations. According to the data, more than four times as many male athletes tested positive for PED than female athletes. But this number seems to suggest that women are far less likely to turn to performance enhancing drugs, which may not be the whole story.

    Measured against relative performances gains, there is actually little basis for the argument that women are less likely to use PEDs. Because women have lower baseline levels, they often benefit more from small doses of steroids, which gives them a greater boost in performance.....

    Best regards.


    PS Hey "Tennis Has A Steroid Problem", I sent you an interesting email ( the title was: "The Magic Gas of Djokovic" ) at this email address:

    but you haven't answered at all!!

    Anyway, I remind you that:

    a)When someone makes you know something you are very interested in, good manners would suggest to thank that person.


    b)When someone asks a question to someone else, good manners would suggest to answer that question.

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