Thursday, March 3, 2016

Help Wanted

Tennis Anti-Doping Programme Assistant

The International Tennis Federation
On application
Roehampton, South West London
Contract type
Fixed Term (Full time)
Closing date
2 March 2016
Job Description
1. To be responsible for carrying out the Athlete Passport Management Unit (APMU) function for the Tennis Anti-Doping Programme (TADP) as directed by the Senior Executive Director, Integrity & Development or Team Leader, Science & Technical where appropriate. The key element of an APMU is to contribute to the operation of the Athlete Biological Passport (ABP) component of the TADP, including requesting further testing, seeking expert input and coordinating communication. The APMU is responsible for:

a. Analysis of ABP results.
b. Administration of the ‘passports’, and liaising with Expert Panels as required.
c. Compiling all necessary ABP documentation.
d. Providing recommendations that can be converted into effective, targeted, timely and appropriate follow-up testing.

2. To assist with the administration of anti-doping activities, as directed by the Team Leader, Science & Technical.

3. To assist with research and testing in the Technical Centre laboratory, as specified by the Head, Science & Technical.

4. Any other duties as specified by the Senior Executive Director, Integrity & Development, Head, Science & Technical and Team, Leader, Science & Technical.
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  1. Lol! Is this for real b/c it's certainly not being implemented in real life!
    Very curious to know what's going on with Sharapova? Is she announcing her retirement tomorrow & why? With Serena around its a given she can't win any slams anymore. But are all her injuries real? It's amazing how several tennis players in past have just disappeared or retired out of the blue

    1. Sharapova fails a test while Serena's still parading around as queen of Tennis. Something is going on and its to do with a passport (not the biological one BTW).

    2. Is this a professional Russian troll on THASP, or just a Western useful idiot? Disheartening in any event.

    3. "G Murph" an obvious Russian troll username, good spot.

    4. At least the employees in St. Petersburg spread ridiculous conspiracy theories and disinformation to support their families. You just don't know any better so you do their work for free.

      Sharapova, ever a victim of "Russophobia," said no one before today.

    5. I checked out your blogger/G+ profile. Your subscribe to a guy called "The Third Eagle of the Apocalypse" on YouTube and liked his video in which he states "I predict NASA will force Christians to take the Mark of the Beast. Please visit my website.". Yes, I'm afraid you're far worse than a paid Russian troll.

    6. This is a public forum and i can post my opinions whether you like it or not. For the record - i have no doubt if Sharapova was aware she had a banned substance in her system when the drug tester came knocking she would have run for the nearest panic room.

    7. Is that an attempt at intimidation or are you looking for a medal for for lurking and stalking those whose opinion you do not agree with? How social justice warrior of you.

    8. Is that an attempt at intimidation or are you looking for a medal for for lurking and stalking those whose opinion you do not agree with? How social justice warrior of you.

  2. Sharapova failed a test.....


    1. It's an anti-ischaemic drug that improves exercise tolerance and may improve concentration. dI don't believe it's FDA approved in the US, but appears to be in some Eastern European ones.
      I can't think of a valid medical reason for her to take the drug....


    2. She says its to do with a history of diabetes as prescribed by her family doctor and she's been taking it for ten years. Its only on the banned list of substances since January this year and she failed a test at the AO, this was her first tournament since November last year i believe. But the concentration part is spot on, she has been so intensely focused for a long time now.

  3. So the WADA are going after the Russians full throttle.

  4. Meldonium, the new "fast seller" as Hajo Seppelt calls it among russian athletes.

    Also "banned" coaches keep on working
    From sunday:

  5. Maria Sharapova failed drugs test at Australian Open

    Former world number one Maria Sharapova has revealed she failed a drugs test at the Australian Open.

  6. The image is everything and after a major blow with the betting problem, the ATP/ITF needed a major PR effort. Sharapova was the one chosen.

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