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Our site takes a critical look at doping controls in professional tennis as administered by the International Tennis Federation (ITF). Our analysis finds the controls to be lax and lack transparency. Below are a number of posts and articles about doping in tennis and sports more generally.

If you read only one thing, read the comprehensive piece by Mike Fish at ESPN.

Other Mainstream Articles About Doping In Tennis:

Douglas Robson: "Analysis: Tennis drug-testing more stringent, but holes remain"

Ben Rumsby: "Many players left out of ITF's random drug-testing programme last year"

Simon Cambers: "Anomalies abound in 2013 drug-testing figures"

Douglas Robson: "Tennis trying to ace doping tests"

Simon Cambers: Interview with ITF anti-doping manager Stuart Miller (Part 1 & Part 2)

Simon Cambers: "Biological passport to be fully effective by September-ITF"

Christopher Clarey: "Tennis Tries to Find Balance on Doping"

Simon Briggs: "Novak Djokovic's comments in wake of Viktor Troicki ban prove that the tennis family is too dysfunctional"
Alex Duff: "Private Doping Probes Seen Hurting Tennis as Cilic Feigns Injury"

Ben Rothenberg: "Conversations With Andy Murray: On Beating Cheating"

Douglas Robson: "Players sympathetic to Cilic's situation"

Douglas Robson: "ITF investigation into Biogenesis case continues"

Greg Garber: "Recent drug news depressing"

Simon Cambers: Interview with ITF anti-doping manager Stuart Miller (Part 1; Part 2)

Sujay Kumar: "Tennis has a doping problem"

Tom English: "Tennis and the anti-doping debate"

Nick Harris: "Fixing, doping, whistle-blowing: secrets that tennis prefers not to discuss"

Shaun Assael: "Tennis' lackluster drug testing"

Blair Henley: "Doping Discourse: A Legal Silent Ban?"

Steve Tignor: "Dancing Around It"

Douglas Robson: "Head of World Anti-Doping Agency backs tennis' program"

Paul J. Greene: "The International Tennis Federation’s anti-doping programme is under attack"

Ben Rothenberg: "After Doping Ban, Odesnik Focuses on ‘Second Phase’ of Career"

Blair Henley: "In the War on Doping, Discourse Trumps Bio Passport"

Simon Cambers: "Anti-doping expert criticises tennis's attempts to step up test programme" (recommended)

Simon Cambers: "Tennis and doping - why did top players change their tune, and call for more blood tests and the biological passport?"

Simon Briggs: "International Tennis Federation backs Andy Murray and Roger Federer's call for tougher anti-doping measures"

Jon Wertheim: "Onus on players for stricter drug testing amid growing skepticism"

Simon Cambers: Interviews with David Howman (recommended) and Patrick Mouratoglou

Jacquelin Magnay: "International Tennis Federation to increase testing on players linked to Dr Luis García del Moral"

Howard Bryant: "The fix is in: Does tennis have a PED problem?"

Clément Guillou : "Dans le tennis, le dopage n’est plus tabou"

Simon Cambers and Greg Stutchbury: "Drug testing woefully inadequate, say leading figures"

Pat Cash: "The temptation to use drugs has never been greater" (subscription required)

Neil Harman: "Lax drug-testing casts undue shadow over centre court"

BBC Sport: "Tennis to step up drug fight in light of Lance Armstrong scandal"

Blair Henley: "What Tennis Can Learn From Lance & Oprah"

Amy Fetherolf: "Doping In Tennis: It Can Happen Here"

Kamakshi Tandon: "How Lance Armstrong Affected Tennis"

Shaun Assael: "Break point"

Christophe Thoreau: "Dopage: pas de place au doute" (in French)

Kevin Fixler: "Is Tennis As Clean As You Think Regarding PEDs? Current, Past Stars Advocate More Testing"

Charles Reynolds: "Doping in tennis: Is Andy Murray onto something?"

John Leicester: "Tennis players shun Spanish doctor" (highly recommended)

Nick Sywak: "Are professional tennis players doping, too?"

Blair Henley: "Doping in Tennis: What We've Learned"

Steve Tignor: "The Lance Effect"

Blair Henley: "Richard Ings Talks Doping in Tennis"

Jon Wertheim: "Ten thoughts on tennis doping"

Blair Henley: "The Doping Discussion: It's Worth Having"

Douglas Robson: "Is tennis doing enough on doping?"

Blair Henley: "Doping, Tennis, Nadal: A Connection?"

Simon Cambers: Interview with ITF's Stuart Miller: Part One; Part Two (highly recommended)

Courtney Walsh: "Tennis forced to face moment of truth"

Clément Guillou: "Le tennis, ce sport où le dopage n’existerait pas" (in French, highly recommended)

Sean Calvert: "Does Tennis Have A Problem With Doping?" (highly recommended)

Bill Gifford: "Steroids, Anyone?" (highly recommended)

Katie Thomas: "Doping Scandals in Tennis Are Few, but Concerns Persist"

Michael Mewshaw: "A Short History Of Drugs In Tennis"

Peter Bodo (circa 2006): "Scoping Doping"; "Cycling Toward Armageddon"

Peter Bodo (circa 2010): "Rokkon the Boat"

Steve Tignor: "Summary Judgement"

Kurt Steeler: "Sense of wonderment gives way to wondering"

Tom Perrotta: "FAQ: Drug Testing and Doping In Tennis"

Selena Roberts: "Flawed Science Clouds Athletes' Reputations"

Other Tennis and Doping Pieces

Journal of Sports Science and Medicine: "Sport Nutrition and Doping in Tennis: An Analysis of Athletes’ Attitudes and Knowledge"

"Changeover Chat: Doping in Tennis"

"Tennis, Drug Testing and Talk"

"Does Tennis Have a Doping Problem?"

This WTA Memo on the 2012 anti-doping program is also interesting reading.

General: Articles on Doping in Sports

Bill Simmons: "Daring to Ask the PED Question"

The USADA's U.S. Postal Service Pro Cycling Team Investigation

Sports writer Tom Fordyce's experience of spending a month in the UK Anti-Doping whereabouts system (Parts: One, Two, Three, Four, and Five)

"When equilibrium's off, doping cyclists come forward" (highly recommended)


BALCO's Victor Conte on How to Dope and Avoid Detection (highly recommended)

Interview with Richard Pound: 'Doping Is Organized along Mafia Lines'

Interview with Angel Heredia

MMA and Performance Enhancing Drugs

Q&A on EPO Testing

WADA report on seven cases of tennis players who tested positive for the prohibited substance nandrolone between August 2002 and May 2003

Commentary on the WADA nandrolone report from International sports law review, 5 (1), 19-22.

Interview with Dr. Michael Ashenden by Andy Shen at nyvelocity about blood doping and the Contador case

Slate: Are there long-term benefits from doping?